The characteristic features of homosexuals

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Quickly and easily distinguish homosexual from heterosexual sometimes not even experienced psychologists. However, in some cases, you can still cope with this challenge, if be observant and know the basic signs of gay men.
Article on “the characteristics of homosexuals”
The characteristic features of homosexuals
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The characteristic features of homosexuals
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The characteristic features of homosexuals
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The characteristic features of homosexuals
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How are gays

It should be stipulated that in appearance to determine homosexuals can only in rare cases. Some men who dress emphasized provocatively, often actually only want to attract the attention of others or copying the style of pop stars, but gays are not.

Not worth to pay special attention to the wedding ring on her finger men – often it is not a true indicator of sexual orientation. But the ring on the little finger is one of the characteristic signs used by gay men.

Gay men often tend to look like the most normal and even set their compliance for show, putting on typically masculine and even rough clothes like leather jackets with metal decoration and trousers with artificial whiskers. They are also often very carefully take care of myself: I like to model your hair, even short, are things stylish, tastefully chosen outfits and combinations of clothes, try to make your body more attractive with the help of physical exercises and special cosmetics for skin care. Often men with non-traditional sexual orientation prefer good things from well-known brands. They may look rough and even brutal man, but classy and elegant.

The behaviors of gay men with other men

Homosexuals often shake your hand a little longer than heterosexuals, and I watch with interest in his eyes. A menacing look and overly strong handshake – not their method. In addition, to welcome gays usually come close enough, and not extend a hand. However, in a similar way come and polite men who do not want to show his companion that try to distance themselves from him.

If during the handshake, the man lowers his eyes or shyly looks away, it can also become one of the hallmarks of non-traditional orientation. However, the confusion in such cases should not be confused with ostentatious indifference.

One of the characteristic signs of gay habit to stare at other men. Of course, it is not exposed, but if you watch the homosexual, you’ll notice that he’s checking guys. He can pay attention to clothes, figure, hair. In addition, in conversation gays occasionally mention that he would like to wear the same jeans as standing close to men, or what was left delighted with the new haircut of their colleagues. Often they pay attention to the guys in those places where a lot of attractive people – for example, in the gym or trendy men’s boutiques. However, appraising look at those around you and in the subway, and walking.

Gay men can use women’s classic “fire eyes” and a special smile, designed to attract men. It is also easy to notice, especially if a homosexual is talking to the guy that he really likes.

How to recognize a gay by intonation and gestures

Often homosexuals say with the typical notes, which are regularly parodious in movies and TV shows. This can be underlined smooth speech, laced “a”, “peacock”, soft vowels. Of course, in ordinary conversation it is not so noticeable as in the parody, however, to capture the special notes in the voice of Gaia is still possible, if you take the trouble to listen to his speech.

Characteristic passive gays can become excessive mannerisms. This is evident by their intense, smooth gestures, the habit of flashy, bright and even theatrical gestures. Some gay men often follow their movements even when smoke or hold a glass of drink. They can be a special way to fold the fingers, to make explicit gestures, reinforcing their facial expressions and throwing special views. After observing human behavior in everyday life, it can be easily seen.

The characteristic features of homosexuals

Homosexuals and women

As mentioned above, outwardly gay men often want to be very similar to heterosexuals, therefore, to learn them, not paying attention to details, can be difficult. This is reflected in their conversations often they raise the topic “about women” in male company, in an effort to emphasize their masculinity.

However, they can let go of obscene jokes, to talk about the women emphasized rude to talk about their exploits on the love front, to list the names of numerous girls, with whom they met. However, this behavior is typical for young people who are generally not popular with the ladies and seeking such conversations to raise their self-esteem and belittle others.

For some gays typical banal comments about women and relationships with them. These words are clearly heard, and repeated in many films and conversations on the forums. In addition, homosexuals can talk about relationships with women as if it is something abstract, existing only in theory but unworkable in practice.

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Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men

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The art of seduction men owns every woman by nature. But many have forgotten about overgrown heap of complexes, and had lost all confidence in their abilities. But this problem is easy to solve.
Article on “Pickup for girls: the art of Dating with men”
Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men
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Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men
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Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men
Female pickup
Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men
The art of seduction: female pickup
For a long time the art of pickup possessed only by men. However, women also like to seduce members of the opposite sex. There is only one difference: a man uses a pickup to charm a girl for one night only, the woman with the help of the pickup increases self-esteem and looking for a companion of life.

Tasks girl pikaper

As a rule, in front of the girl that grips the art of pickup, stand four tasks. It:
– look guy,
– get to know him,
enchantment of the elect,
to keep the object near you.

In a particularly skillful ladies get at the same time to perform all these tasks. However, most women do not even know where to look for the man. For such problems, you should master the art of Dating and seduction for men.

The art of female pickup: conditions for successful Dating

Familiarity is the first step in communication and first impression. A woman should not make mistakes at this stage of seduction. Therefore, you should clearly keep track of their behavior.

For successful Dating with a man a woman must abide by the following conditions:

A festive mood. No hungry glances during the “hunting” a man should not be. Imagine that you’re on your own celebration of life and all those around, including a potential partner, just participate in your celebration. This is exactly the mood you want to start Dating.

Pleasant solitude. To find a man for a couple with girlfriend is a senseless idea. Where is the guarantee that the woman will not be your opponent? Take a book, a tablet or a laptop, sit down alone at a table in the café and enjoy a pleasant pastime, not forgetting cute smile.

Alluring glance. Opinion it is better to train in advance. It is important that he has formed an irresistible attraction, but at the same time not allowing the man to get too close.

A sound mind and clear the memory. Stop using alcohol as a means to get acquainted with the man. A drunk woman is not a pleasant sight. The confidence we need to find within yourself, not in the media, dulling the mind.

Love for yourself. A woman who is filled with love, always attracts the attention of the opposite sex, even if her pretty hard to call. Cultivate your love in himself, not paying it on a specific person, and then men will begin to look for an opportunity to meet you.

The basic rules of female pickup

Get used to the regular outputs in people. Sitting at home it’s hard to seduce a man. Extend the circle of their friends, attend parties and themed events.

If you decided to seduce a man a certain status in society, look for it in the appropriate place: millionaires do not appear in cheap cafes, and athletes are unlikely to visit the library.

Always be prepared for the unexpected acquaintance with stunning man. The appearance should be at the height of the mood you want to maintain a good and smile in General is to make his constant companion. Does not prevent to consult a makeup artist and stylist to learn independently in a matter of minutes to put ourselves in order.

Get into the habit of daily reading books about male psychology. Knowledge of this area allow you to calculate the actions of men on circumstantial evidence, to determine its type and to choose the most optimal behavior.

Improve your character. Let peace, good will and confidence will be with you constantly. Do not forget about the share of modesty, it is known only adorns a woman.

Expand to the maximum range of their interests, develop existing talents. Learn to dance the tango, play tennis, shoot rifles, enroll in courses in winemaking is a list of possible Hobbies is endless, it is important with all my heart to surrender to passion.

Forget the obsession after becoming acquainted with the man. Remember, the situation it is important to furnish as if you are the victim, and the man – hunter.

To call, to write, to demand a meeting and admit to liking the first one is not worth it.

A woman who has mastered the art of the pickup – what is it?

She loves herself entirely, and knowing its pros and cons. Moreover, this woman immensely appreciates and respects himself, who, if she’s not?

Pickup girls: the art of Dating with men

The ideal woman pikaper not aggressive, but can take the initiative in their hands. She is very independent and confident in yourself. This woman is relaxed and free to live her in bed with a man. Moreover, she is able to get pleasure from sex, and knows how to deliver his partner.

A real woman-pikaper no complexes and fears. She can rightfully consider themselves full and harmonious personality. Moreover, a woman pikaper fully accepts and understands the man. By the way, it’s the quality is so attractive to many men.

You can take a lesson pickup or to take a full course devoted to mastering this art. But really, the art of the pickup already naturally inherent in every woman, because that’s what the lovely ladies have all the tools of seduction. The main thing – correctly to use them!

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