The color type "summer"

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The appearance of each person can be classified into four types. These types are characterized by four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each type corresponds to a gamma of colors. Distinctive features for classification are the color of eyes, hair and skin tone. Defining your color type, a woman can follow the recommendations on choosing colors in clothes and make-up, not fearing that the selected color she does not.
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The color type "summer"
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The color type "summer"
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The color type "summer"
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The color type "summer"
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For summer color type can be attributed to many women – residents of the European North. By the way, for our Russia this color type is the most common. To identify the woman summer color type will help a few of its basic characteristics.

The skin tone of women of color type can be from very bright to muted olive. A distinctive feature of tone that he always looks cool and has a warm Golden tones. Even when the leather women of this type are prone to the appearance of freckles, they are never a copper-red shade, and have a muted grayish-brown pigment. Tans the skin in the sun well, but never gets Golden. Even with a strong tan leather women summer color type has grayish-olive colour.

Eye color for women of this type are dominated by blue or blue-gray. But there are gray-green and amber-green eyes. A distinctive feature of the eye in the summer is not too accentuated the contrast between the color of proteins and iris. Typically, the boundary between them is not evident, because the color of the protein is usually dull-white or milky.

Woman summer color type can be easily identified by the color of her hair. It often happens that in my childhood summer women were blondes. Over time, hair color has darkened and purchased a medium to dark brown color. Usually women of this type produces exactly the shade of hair. He always ashy-grey, although the color itself can be both light and dark. Very often women – “summer” refuse your natural hair color, because he seems lackluster.

Women summer color type are so-called cold type. It is still owned by women winter color type. In the color palette for these two color type full Arsenal of cool colors, unlike the other two color type – spring and autumn, at which the whole palette filled with warm shades. The women belonging to the cold or warm type can be easily identified with one well-known test. To do this, take two two-tone scarf: the coral-yellow and pink-blue. Both scarf brings to the face of the woman. If near coral yellow handkerchief the skin dull and the face becomes expressionless, then the type of women is defined as cold, i.e., winter or summer. A further determination can be performed, guided by the descriptions of each of these color type.

The color palette of shades for women summer type must not be clearly accented with pure colors. Her palette is pastel, all cool shades sound like undertones. This palette can be compared with watercolor landscapes.

Color smoky rose, gray-steel, light lavender, pale-red, blue-grey and many other colors in their cold performance – this palette has shades for summer color type. It should follow the women in the choice of clothing and makeup.

If you describe in more detail the palette for the makeup of this type, the choice of mascara preference should be given to gray and gray-brown color. Mascara black for women summer color type looks unnatural and vulgar, and bright colored mascara look comical. The eyeshadow palette should consist of cold and gray shades of gray, blue, blue, lavender to blue and grey eyes or light beige and grayish-olive to greenish-blue eyes.

Women summer type are very suitable pearlescent shades. This should be considered when choosing lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow. Dim pearly luster of mother of pearl highlights halftone sound any color from a palette of colors for this color type.

Summer color type should be avoided in clothes and makeup frankly bright, distinctly warm colors and “poisonous” shades: carrot, egg yellow, neon green, etc.

From jewelry to women type “summer” look perfectly fine, not too large silver and white gold. Precious stones should prefer pearls, natural mother of pearl bright shades of aquamarine and Topaz.

Among famous Actresses many women summer zeotype. This is Sharon stone, Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten dunst, as well as famous fashion model from Russia Natalia Vodianova.

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