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Vanilla: the use, properties and application

Irina Filina, the author JustLady.
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The delightful scent of vanilla gives dishes a touch of sophistication. This fragrant spice is obtained from the pods of a tropical Orchid. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is used mainly for flavoring cakes. Do not confuse vanilla and vanillin. The latter is a synthetic substitute for natural vanilla. Usually vanilla fray with sugar and it is in such form add to the dish.
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Vanilla: the use, properties and application
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Vanilla: the use, properties and application
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Vanilla: the use, properties and application
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Vanilla: the use, properties and application
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Heady scent of vanilla is known to almost everyone, but few people know about its benefits. The aroma of this herb has a calming, restorative effect. He will give a sense of serenity, joy, harmony. Wand of vanilla left in the bedroom, will ensure healthy sleep, will help to find peace and relaxation. Vanilla depression and fatigue. In the house where the smell of this spice will prevail an atmosphere of peace, love.

Add vanilla in some of the dishes has not only aesthetic but also practical value. It improves appetite, normalizes bowel function, has beneficial effects on digestion. Also, this herb can relieve menstrual pain and eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol. Vanilla is an aphrodisiac since the time of the Aztecs. It can have a positive impact on male potency. Vanilla, like chocolate, helps produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness”.

The aroma of the spices is very strong. With proper storage of natural vanilla will retain its original flavor for forty years. It is proved that the aroma of the spices gives sweet dishes even more sweetness on the taste they seem to be more sweet than without vanilla. This property spices often used in the manufacture of dietary products.

Mostly vanilla used in cooking. It is added to cakes, leavened pastries, biscuits. Vanilla spice glaze, cream, add in cocoa, chocolate, ice cream and other sweets. This spice is valued not only for unmatched ambergris added to the dish it will strengthen his own taste, making it much brighter. So vanilla is added not only in desserts, sometimes mentioning vanilla found in recipes for fish dishes, salads. Often vanilla flavoured alcoholic beverages. It has a very rich sweet smell, and high concentration begins to taste a little bitter, so add it in very small quantities.

Vanilla, in addition to cooking, widely used in cosmetology. Its sweet fragrance is present in many perfumes, aromatic oils. Often the vanilla added in the manufacture of shampoos, Soaps. Vanilla beneficial effect on the skin: it eliminates flaking, dryness, relieves irritation.

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Fruits for weight loss: what fruit promote weight loss

Hope Markevich, author JustLady.
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One of the most popular diets for weight loss – the substitution of a part of their usual daily intake of fruit. It would seem that this is one of the most delicious, reliable and affordable diets, especially in summer. But not all fruits are on the body equally, and some, such as apricots or bananas, are actually very nutritious dish. So what to eat to lose weight?
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Fruits for weight loss: what fruit promote weight loss
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Fruits for weight loss: what fruit promote weight loss
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One of the most famous fruits that help you fight excess weight is pineapple. Especially his love Hollywood stars and try before each meal to eat at least a slice. The effect of the use of this fruit is that pineapple helps to digest received in the body of food. Thus, if you reduce your daily diet, but will eat a piece of pineapple whenever you sit down at a table, the result will not keep itself waiting long. This is achieved by the presence in the pineapple enzyme bromeline, is able to cleave proteins. Especially well it helps to digest meat, fish, legumes and dairy products. It would also be useful to cut the pineapple into small cubes, to dry it and add to tea.

The low-calorie of citrus fruit is grapefruit. In its structure the substance naringin, activating the liver. It is true that grapefruit brought the body’s favor, it should be eaten without peeling from horcada film, because you need a flavonoid contained there. Bile, the secretion which stimulates naringin, breaks down complex fat and the body, respectively, to part with excess weight. Also recommended on an empty stomach to drink a half – glass of grapefruit juice. In this case, good digestion is provided to you throughout the day. However, if you are not used to eat this fruit regularly, it is not necessary to gulp a drink the entire glass. Start with a quarter, gradually increasing the “dose”. Grapefruit also, do not abuse people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Excellent fruit component of the diet is the Chinese gooseberry or kiwi. In addition to weight control, the fruit is a valuable quality – it burns fat that can clog arteries. This reduces the risk of blood clots. In addition, kiwi contains magnesium, potassium and fiber, which remove cholesterol and normalize digestion.

Lipolytic enzymes that promote the breakdown of fats, present in the berries. Eaten half an hour before eating a Cup of raspberries will help digest the ensuing high-calorie foods. However, like pineapple, berries does not affect the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

Pear helps weight loss due to it contains insoluble fiber, beneficial effects on the gut. Fructose content in pear is significantly greater than the sucrose content, so there is this fruit can people suffering from diabetes. Pear helps rid the body of toxins and heavy metals – and this is the main condition for a successful diet.

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