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Jockey diet

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Jockey diet refers to extreme ways to lose weight, because it is designed only for three days and requires a very serious dietary restrictions. To use such a diet can only be in extreme cases, for example, before an important ceremony, when to get into dress is a must.
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Jockey diet
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Jockey diet

For a short time jockey diet slimming guarantees good results minus 2-3 pounds. But the price of this weight loss is your health. At first glance, it seems that diet is pretty easy, but in practice, it’s completely different.

Jockey diet because of their poor diet can cause the body stress. Therefore, before to be solved on such step – think. Well, for those who are really determined, you need to remember the rules of the diet.

The entire first day is dedicated roasted in the oven with the chicken. It needs to be baked in foil, pre-cutting the skin and excess fat. The use of salt and other spices is strictly prohibited. After cooking the carcass of the chicken should be divided into three equal parts and eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can drink a lot: non-carbonated mineral water or unsweetened tea is what you need.

The second day also meat. 300 grams of beef to bake on the grill. Salt is invalid, but can meat pepper. If the taste is unbearable without salt, you can sprinkle the meat with soy sauce (no more than one tablespoon). Principle power is the same as on the first day: we divide the meat into three portions and eat during the day. The liquid remains the same, i.e. clean water and unsweetened tea.

Third day – it’s a sheer starvation. There are banned, you can only drink. Five cups of black coffee for the whole day (plus one teaspoon of sugar per Cup). Although the pounds go away quickly, yet it is short-term phenomenon and soon they will return to their place. So do not really get involved. In addition, this diet does not bring the body any good.

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Kefir-rice diet

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Kefir-rice diet is a popular way to eliminate excess weight. And no wonder, because yogurt is a rich source of essential for the body minerals and vitamins. It has beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens hair and nails, cleanses the bloodstream and stimulates the metabolism. Rice, in turn, displays the body of toxins and salts, and also allows for a long time not to feel hungry.
There are several options kefir-rice diet. All depends on how many pounds you want to get and what sacrifices are ready for this to go.

Three-day kefir-rice diet (weight loss of 3-5 pounds)

First day
Breakfast – 200 ml of 1% yogurt and 1 green Apple.
Lunch – 200 ml yogurt and 100 g fat-free cottage cheese.
Dinner – 1 green Apple and a Cup of green tea without sugar.
On the night of Pets to drink 1 glass of kefir, but only if the feeling of hunger is very strong.

Second day
Breakfast – 200 ml of 1% yogurt and 1 green Apple.
Lunch – 100 ml yogurt and 100 g of boiled rice.
Dinner – 1 Apple and 200 ml of yogurt.
Bedtime can eat an Apple.

Day three
Breakfast – 100 ml yogurt and 100 grams of rice.
Lunch – 1 Apple and 200 ml of yogurt.
Dinner – same as lunch.
Bedtime allowed to drink 200 ml of yogurt.

This diet not only helps to lose weight, but also to restore metabolism. Try to eat at the same time, then the body will be less sensitive to the calorie deficit.

Weekly kefir-rice diet (weight loss of up to 7 kilograms)

During the week you must adhere to the following menu.
Breakfast – 100g of rice and 200 ml of yogurt.
Lunch – 100 grams of rice, 150 g of boiled chicken.
Dinner – 50 g rice 100 g green salad, seasoned with a little olive oil or lemon juice.

A nine-kefir-rice diet (weight loss of up to 9 kilograms)

First 3 days: 100 grams of rice and 200 ml of yogurt 3 times a day.
Following 3 days: 3 times a day for 150 grams of boiled chicken and yogurt unlimited.
The last 3 days: apples and yogurt as much as you want.

Rules these kefir-rice diets are the same: eliminate from the diet spices, alcohol, salt and sugar. And during the day, drink at least 1, 5 liters of pure non-carbonated water.

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