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He wants to have sex too often: what to do?

Julia Dyakov, author JustLady.
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The discrepancy between sexual temperaments often happens even in the situation when all the rest is complete harmony. It would be wrong if a man wants to have sex very often? But sometimes it can be a serious problem in the relationship.
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Frequent desire intimacy with you is a huge compliment your sexuality. On the other hand, sometimes this desire becomes so massive that you can think: interesting whether you are a man even though in some other field, except sex?

In case other interests besides the bed, there, you will have to decide whether you are ready to continue such a relationship. To change anything in this situation is quite difficult, but there is a chance. Try to have common interests, you may have some similar Hobbies. Be interested in their inner world, sooner or later, he will be interested in your. Try to be interesting.

If the only problem in different views about the frequency with which should make love, a simple solution may be little talk. A loving man will appreciate your sincerity, and together you can figure out how to get out of this sticky situation. In addition to the usual sex you have many ways to deliver your loved pleasure. It is quite possible that he will temper his zeal, knowing that you need sex less frequently.

Often women don’t want to hurt the dignity of the beloved and suffer frequent sex, not talking about their feelings. This tactic is quite dangerous as it can cause a woman will subconsciously take revenge on the man for what she has to do what she wants. She may not be aware of the true reasons for their actions. The man, of course, also does not suspect anything, because half of it is not recognized that frequent sex makes her inconvenience. This situation may lead to separation.

True, there are men obsessed with sex, which is not so easy to negotiate. In the U.S. this phenomenon even has a name – sex addiction. It is considered similar to alcoholism and other dependencies. The reasons for this behavior can be varied psychological or endocrine disorders. If fate brought you to that person, and you value his company, maybe you should try to persuade him to go through some assessments and rehabilitation.

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How to attract and keep the man

Valentine Efimova, author JustLady.
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If you liked the man, with whom relations are only friendly nature, do not worry. You will be able to attract and retain it, if you act boldly and decisively.
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For a start, pay attention to your appearance. The man quickly fond of well-groomed woman than one that does not attracts any attention. Of course, this does not mean that you have to achieve the goal to decide on plastic surgery, but to make an appropriate makeup and have a trendy haircut and manicure needs. Even if your relationship became close, and you began to live together, that your Union is not broke, do not forget about taking care of yourself and don’t let the house look untidy.

In order to attract attention to your partner, become for him not just a good friend, but sensitive and understanding person he can open the soul. Be for him the only woman with whom he can even remember your romance novels and talk about his former flames. Listen to these monologues calmly and without jealousy, because these women already in the past, and you’re next.

If try to show a high intellectual level. But don’t do it often and, moreover, does not prove to your partner that you are much smarter. The man quickly addicted woman and will be solved in a serious relationship with her, if he will consider himself the most intelligent and wise in the current pair. Your chances of long-term relationship will be higher, if you will sometimes turn to your partner for advice and to admire his intellect and breadth of mind.

Be a good hostess and make sure the one you want to enchant in your home feel comfortable and cozy. If you do not have the talent of the chef, then try to at least learn how to cook his favorite dishes. Surprise him your other abilities, for example, link and give your beloved man warm scarf is a gift that will be another step towards achieving the goal.

In that case, when your relationship has already begun, pay attention to how harmonious is your intimate life. Feel free to talk openly with your loved ones about sex and, if you want to keep a man, try to make your sex life has always been diverse and intense.

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