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Christmas vacation abroad: where to go?

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With the approaching New year, so I want a fairy tale. If a traditional celebration with salad “Olivier” and the TV you already pretty fed up, and the soul insists adventure, think about the New year abroad.
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Christmas vacation abroad: where to go?
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Christmas vacation abroad: where to go?
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Christmas vacation abroad: where to go?
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Christmas vacation abroad: where to go?
Winter resorts: where to go to relax in the winter
Rapid descent with wind speed

Ski resorts are very loved by Russian tourists. And every year more and more people are changing the mediocrity of the big cities in the fresh mountain air. Knowing one day a sense of delight in high-speed descent from the mountain, you will no longer be able to refuse it, and the conquest of the increasingly steep peaks will give you infinite pleasure. Here you are the master of nature, and speed, like a wild horse under you.

The best ski resorts recognized resorts in Austria. The combination of price and quality of recreation has increased the popularity of this trend among Russians.

Ski holidays in France – the real Christmas story! Here offers an entirely new approach to the organization of rest and safety. The good thing about these resorts is that hotels vacationers are located near the ski slopes.

One of the most popular ski resorts in addition to French and Austrian are Italian Alps and Switzerland.

Hot winter in Brazil

Vacation on the tropical coast – isn’t that the dream of a Russian man! From the harsh bondage of winter to get into the hot embrace of the tropics. While relaxing in Rio de Janeiro you will be able to attend the tours, where they will get acquainted with ancient churches and the city’s main Cathedral, enjoy the famous beaches, learn to surf or explore the marine life, dive with mask and scuba diving. Besides, nothing like a new year’s carnival, which takes place on the beaches of Copacabana in the world no longer exists. Whatever you doing New year in Rio de Janeiro will be one of the most exciting events in your life.

On a visit to Santa Claus

Give your children a real Christmas in the homeland of Santa Claus in Finland. Lives Yolupukki (Finnish Santa Claus.) in Northern Finland, in Lapland: , Rovaniemi. The town has its own airport. Santa Claus. The hotel, a place where tourists, also called “Santa Claus”. Amusement Park “Santa Park” to the great joy of children is right in the cave.

In addition, during the new year holidays in Finland are numerous festivals and celebrations. Lovers of mountain and cross-country skiing provided the best conditions for relaxation. Here 16 slopes, 9 chairlifts, and there are slopes for snowboarding. Created special recreation programs for Russian tourists. During lunch you can enjoy delicious desserts from Northern berries, enjoy a traditional fish dishes and enjoy a homemade soft beer.

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Anti-stress cosmetics

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But there is another insidious mirror, which shamelessly gives all your secrets. This facial skin. Sleepless night, bad habits, stress with it instantly become public. Fortunately, there is a way to neutralize this inner spy and make sure that the skin is always glowing.
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Anti-stress cosmetics
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Anti-stress cosmetics
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Anti-stress cosmetics
A product that will improve sleep and relieve you from nightmares

After the holidays, or during a strong love our skin as if lit from within. However, the rhythm of modern life, polluted air, prolonged stay in the office, chlorinated water, you wash your face, all of it solid stress for the skin. Like a sponge, absorbing any negative impact of the external environment, she is trying on their own to cope with the consequences. However, with age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep invisible defense.

Often we add skin problems. Buy unsuitable for our type of creams, or not use them at all, forget to remove your makeup before you sleep, persusive means that contain alcohol. And she puts up with it. Up until one day it does not do justice we deserved, “delighting” enlarged pores, dullness, earthy shade.


– Dull complexion, pale and dry skin indicate a lack of vitamins in our daily diet, and lack of hydration.
– Haggard face, bags under the eyes, sagging, increased facial or age-related wrinkles are usually the result of stress, inadequate rest or excessive strain on the nervous system.
– Redness, inflammation, feeling and increased sensitivity to temperature changes may indicate decreased immunity, poor and irregular diet.

Stop the stress!

Constant stress is dangerous because it can lead to premature aging. And on the skin this is reflected in the first place. Cosmetic companies have long tried to find a way to help tired skin, to return it to a healthy and radiant look. This became possible thanks to a special stress-relieving creams that contain components related to the “hormones of happiness”, and protect against negative external and internal factors. The principle of operation of these funds is timely hydration and activation processes of regeneration. They remove toxins that accumulate in cells and prevents the appearance of age spots and soothe irritation.

In anti-stress cream contains ingredients that promote the production of collagen, which makes skin soft and supple, eliminates premature wrinkles.
The sooner you begin to fight the effects of stress, which have a negative impact on the health of the skin, the more likely that it is a long time, will delight you with freshness and elasticity. A brief overview of the tools, which in short time will make the skin elastic, will help you to choose the most appropriate.

L’oreal, for example, has created a line of cosmetics for young girls with a positive title “Happy skin”. The composition of these products include Vittorini based on the extract of the cocoa bean, acting like endorphins – hormones of happiness”, which are produced in the brain when we are very good. In addition, these creams contain Indian chestnut extract, improve the blood circulation and returns an immediate glow to tired skin.

To prolong youth and beauty will help the “energy” cosmetics. Production line Power Youth from Givenchy contains special ingredients that affect the structure of the mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration, and stimulate the production of the required energy. These cosmetics help to neutralize the effects of stress, poor environment and restore the natural balance of the skin.

Often, to increase vitality, need help from the outside. Elixir “Sisley” (Sisleya-Elixir) Sisley sends the skin kind of signals, causing her own to deal with illnesses and harmful effects of the environment. It consists of extracts of malt, sheet, white willow, nightshade, antioxidants and essential oils of lavender and marjoram. The interaction of these components improves blood circulation, which makes it easier to saturate the cells with oxygen. And this, in turn, makes the skin fresh, revitalized, bright colors, and you look rested.

In the world of cosmetics is another novelty, which actively helps to fight the effects of stress. NIVEA Visage has developed a cosmetic line called “Decrem”. These anti-stress cream increases the skin’s resistance to external aggressive factors, accelerate the process of recovery after stress, improve the functioning of the intercellular substance. In addition to special cosmetics for care of tired skin, beauticians recommend to pay attention to salon treatments, microcurrent therapy, ultrasound, as well as superficial peels and mesotherapy. And skin will be grateful to smile and Shine all year round.

All for dealing with stress!

To improve the emotional background, please use the following ways:

– do meditation and autogenic training;
– increase physical activity in the fitness club, sign up in the pool, walk more;
– drink hot chocolate or tea with mint;
– fluffy blanket, a comfortable armchair and a favorite book will save from the spleen;
– go on a short vacation;
– hang out with people who love you and appreciate;
take away the stress on the dance floor or at a concert favourite musician;
– retail therapy will quickly relieve you from anxiety ;
– give yourself one day in the SPA with the obligatory massage course.

WHEN choosing a CREAM pay attention to its structure:

– Vitamins E and F prevent sagging, wrinkles and aging, protect from UV rays.
Extracts of orange, green tea or red grapes, and berries, thyme and raspberry are powerful antioxidants, they tone and strengthen the walls of the smallest blood vessels.
– Essential oils, such as orange and grapefruit improve complexion, relieve fatigue, affect cell renewal.
– Rosehip extract, which contains a huge amount of vitamin C, has a powerful anti-stress properties.
– Chinese lemongrass, chamomile, cornflower, Linden good to fight skin fatigue.
– Vitamin a in complex with vitamins C and E participates in redox processes in tissues and slows the aging process.

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