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How to entertain yourself during workouts

Andrei Yakovlev, author JustLady.
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An important condition of fitness classes is fun during exercise. If you get bored during monotonous exercises, irritation may reduce the benefits of the sport. Fitness will be perceived as hard and tedious work, which is hard to do, and to force myself to do you, just using willpower. Meanwhile, fitness classes can be nice and fun.
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How to entertain yourself during workouts
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How to entertain yourself during workouts
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How to entertain yourself during workouts
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How to entertain yourself during workouts
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Do not force yourself 30 minutes at a time to engage in one mode. From monotonous movements can really tired and fall into irritation. Alternate simulators, for example, 10 minutes of cardiotraining on the bike, 10 minutes power loads, and then again the bike. Or select this mode to the active phase alternated with phases, enabling you to relax. Many gyms have a function of a random change modes, use it. Then every few minutes you will switch from one mode to another, and it is not boring.

Another good way not to get bored while playing sports. If you go to the gym with a friend, arrange a competition – who will do more approaches squats, dips, etc. And even if you want one, you can select another visitor and compete with it “mentally”. For example, set a condition that you should always do your exercises for longer. Or more beautiful. Or more clearly than she. The competition will add excitement to your lessons, and you are not so tired.

You can imagine that you, for example, a star that’s hunted by the annoying paparazzi. So try to do as if tomorrow your pictures will appear in glossy magazines, that is beautiful, clean, in full force and keeping a smile on your head.

A very good way to entertain yourself during exercise is to listen to the music. If you don’t like the repertoire, which can be heard in the hall, where you are, you can download the player to her favorite music that celebrates positive emotions and gives a boost of energy.

By the way, the player can even listen to audio books. Why not? The body employs monotonous exercises, the head is free, it can and take), and foreign language lessons. Repeat for the speaker you will certainly not be able to, but once again listen to not hurt.

Oh and another tip – sometimes replace a workout in the gym, outdoor activities. Treadmill is certainly good, but it’s so nice to run in the Park, among trees and grass!

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10 rules of fitness for beginners

Bacheva, author JustLady.
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You finally decided to take his figure to improve health. Already bought the most fashionable sports clothes, comfortable shoes and pass in the best gym. But you don’t know where to start training and how to train better. And in General you have a vague idea about future classes. Well, follow the 10 simple rules for beginners, and you will succeed.
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10 rules of fitness for beginners
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10 rules of fitness for beginners
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10 rules of fitness for beginners
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10 rules of fitness for beginners
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1. Define a clear goal, make a plan for the training.
If you don’t know what to strive for, you will arrive nowhere. Be sure you decide that is the ultimate goal of your practice. Whether you want to lose weight or simply slightly tighten the muscles? Maybe there are separate sites, over which we have hard work? Determine what you want to get from school in the hall and make a clear plan of activities. You can pay for the advice of a good specialist, and the first few lessons, slide under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This will save your time and your money in the future.
2. Please be patient.
Of course, you are ready to do fitness hard, but deep down I hope that you get lucky and you will see the results very soon. Alas, the training, the effect of which will be visible immediately, no. Better be patient.
3. Do not overload the body.
Very often beginners, aiming for quick result, dramatically increase the load. This is a common error is not to do it. To increase the load should gradually and smoothly. Otherwise, you can seriously undermine health. Tired muscles are particularly prone to injury.
4. Beginning and end of your workout correctly.
The lesson should begin with a warm-up. Thanks to several simple exercises you will warm up the muscles, make bundles of elastic and prepare the body to the load. Completion of training must also be literate. Perform a few stretching exercises will consolidate the achievements in training and enhance its efficiency.
5. Do not combine fitness and diets.
The body of the beginner is in a state of light stress, because the regular load is unusual for him. You should not increase the stress of the hard diets. You spend quite a large amount of calories during training, so hard diet can only do harm. Your body simply will not have the strength to recover.
6. Eat properly.
Enhanced physical activity is not a substitute for proper nutrition. To achieve the desired effect you need to know as much as possible about the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your diet, proper eating habits and the number of meals.
7. Enough sleep.
To have the strength to exercise, it is necessary to sleep and to sleep at least 8 hours. However, for full recovery of the body, you need at least one hour to sleep before midnight.
8. Do not trust the sensations.
Not only trust your feelings. Regularly sveshivalas, measure your hips, waist. Measure your heart rate after a workout. These changes are difficult to see, but they will be the best motivation for further training. If you do not see positive dynamics, it is a signal that in the training process made some mistake.
9. Limit contact during training.
The conversations between the shells or during exercise not only take up precious time, they generally reduce the effectiveness of the workout, because at this time you lose concentration on the training process.
10. Be sure to take a day of rest between workouts.
Many beginners try to do as often as possible. To make the muscles work in full force, they need a day of rest. No wonder the training schedule one coach made in such a way that between them was a one day break. But don’t take a break between workouts too large. One of the main conditions of success – regularity of training. Enough to miss two classes and have to start again.

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