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Buckwheat and pear: useful properties

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Speaking about the beneficial properties of pear and buckwheat, it should be noted that the first is one of the traditional means of replenishing the body with vitamins, a great tool for the treatment of many diseases. Buckwheat is the most valuable of cereals in the diet food, an indispensable source of protein and therefore is a complete substitute for meat in the diet.
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Buckwheat and pear: useful properties
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Buckwheat and pear: useful properties
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Buckwheat and pear: useful properties
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Both plants, pear and buckwheat, rich content of iron salts in different pear cultivars its percentage varies, but it is possible to visually determine which of the types of pears contains iron in larger quantities – such pears into slices very quickly darken. High content of iron in the buckwheat makes it indispensable component of the diet for anemia (anemia).
Dishes made from buckwheat recommended in the dietary treatment of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension.

Flowers and leaves of buckwheat and wild pear are used in folk medicine in the form of decoctions: buckwheat to decrease the fragility of blood vessels, with radiation sickness, wounds; pears – for the treatment of disorders of the bowel, cleanse the kidneys, restore male potency, removal of salts from the body.

Pear and buckwheat are used for the treatment of the chronic bronchitis, dry cough, tracheitis. Collection of plant leaves (two tablespoons) with boiling water (500 grams) and insist on the steam bath for half an hour. Then take 30 minutes before a meal three times a day. Treatment should continue for 2 weeks.

They are also used as a diet food for diabetes. For this purpose the juice of fresh pears are encouraged to regularly take half an hour before meals. If the juice is normally tolerated, the dose can be gradually increased up to 200 grams. And buckwheat in this disease are used as follows: two tablespoons of buckwheat grind to the state of the flour, the evening pour a glass of kefir, and in the morning on an empty stomach eat as Breakfast. Regular intake of this remedy helps to reduce blood sugar and is good for the pancreas.

Decoctions of wild pear (Dicky) is used for removing toxins from the body, to improve urinary system, obesity and liver disease. Pears contain chlorine and sodium in very limited quantities, so they are used in salt-free diets.

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How to relieve PMS

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Few girls can say that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) passes painlessly. Someone is tortured by pain, someone is faced with a total lack of energy and lethargy, sudden mood swings. Symptoms are many, and there are ways to deal with PMS, unfortunately, less.
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It is established that reduce the negative feelings from PMS help five simple steps.

The first will require you serious effort. Have to convince myself that despite feeling bad and ugly mood, you need to meet and spend time with sports. Physical activity helps to facilitate the flow of unpleasant period in your life. You should not unduly zealous: it is enough simply to walk near the house or on any delivers you pleasure route: this will prevent bloating, reduce the spasm. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn the mysteries of yoga: it also helps to combat premenstrual pains.

The second way will cause much less pleasure. This is a healthy diet. Among other beneficial effects on the body, the correct diet will help to alleviate PMS and in General will strengthen your nervous system, boost mood and a rush of vitality. Increase the volume of fluid intake, at least temporarily exclude from the food semi-finished products, and most importantly – give up chocolate. It is necessary to stabilize the level of sugar in the blood, to avoid cramping. Too much salt in the diet will increase the chance of bloating.

These days it is absolutely necessary to pay maximum attention to proper rest and sleep. Put all the possible things to give yourself a chance to sleep: during this period your body is not only accumulates energy, but is struggling with the pain. In addition, it will help you to cope with feelings of lethargy and fatigue, pursuing many girls during PMS.

Folk remedies also offer you recipes on how to cope with premenstrual syndrome and to live it as seamless as possible. With a spasmodic contractions will help fight a conventional hot water bottle filled with warm water can even be used for these purposes, an empty bottle from under the water. Put it on your lower abdomen and leave for 20 minutes.

Consult the pharmacy: professional pharmacist will help you pick the best drug that cropped pain from PMS. Try to choose products, which include herbs: they are quite safe and will not affect the functioning of other body systems.

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