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Affair with the head: an old story in a new way

NO NAME, author JustLady.
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All seen “Office romance” Eldar Ryazanov and not even once, in the movie easy a romantic story ends with the family happiness. But, unfortunately, today’s affair with the head and begins not so naive, unselfishly, timidly, and ends in a completely different way…
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Affair with the head: an old story in a new way
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Affair with the head: an old story in a new way
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Today’s office romance often begins and develops, for three reasons:
• when a woman (or a man, but this happens very rarely) wants to climb the corporate ladder;
• when the boss sees his subordinate a potential lover;
• and the third is quite a rare case when people really have sympathy for each other.

All three cases always cause a lot of problems. In the first – smart (but not always professional and experienced enough women with low moral values due to his boss want to get the position of the easiest way – to enter into his confidence. “Lured” the head is banal and not new. Only, most often, these heads are not alone workaholics, like in the movie, and the husbands and fathers of children. But who today cares? The only thing that can threaten a woman is the wrath of the authorities, who will understand once that it was used, especially if it will not reduce their appetites.

In the second case, the employee may simply be trapped and work to lose pity, and to agree to such a dubious relationship seems to be not desirable, even if the head is even nothing. Still, any wants to buy family happiness and trust, and in the plans of the authorities it does not fit. Why? He’s so convenient.

Well, in the latter case, the very pleasant, too, has its pitfalls. Often, even if people agree, then eventually realize that their interests are confined to the work, and the head remains and houses the head. There are rare exceptions, but that being said, apparently, was ordained destiny.
In any case, the conclusion was that today in the official novels almost always ahead of going personal benefit calculation. And such attitudes are pulling a lot of problems and is not always successful. So even if you belong to the rare number of people who are in love employees, it is better for one of you to change jobs, so then it all ended, as in the movie by Eldar Ryazanov.

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Humor is the secret weapon

Andrei Sidorov, author JustLady.
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Humor extends a person’s life, helps to relax and look at things more positively. However, as it turned out, humor is also a secret weapon, the development of which can yield very significant results.
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Humor is a weapon, which can help to achieve a certain status or position, to attract the attention of the opposite sex. And used to feel superior opponent, or person.

Speaking of sense of humor as a weapon to attract the attention of the opposite sex, then it is easy to explain from the anatomical point of view. Scientists found that a sense of humor was laid in a person genetically, more precisely in the genetic algorithm development.

How, using a sense of humor, you can achieve a certain position? It turns out that during the last modern scientific research has revealed that approximately 97% of people would like to have their head had a good sense of humor, while 65% believe a sense of humor is one of the primary qualities, which should have an ordinary employee.

It’s the people who know a good joke, create a cohesive team. In addition, according to the statistics, employees who can laugh at themselves, are more successful.

According to psychologists, humor can literally disarm and destroy the enemy. If there are conflicts, then good joke helps to defuse the situation. For example, interpersonal conflicts, humor is the primary means to settle conflicts.

Often people joking with people with whom he had established informal relationships. Or when people have different social statuses, for example, the supervisor and employee, teacher and student, after the jokes, the initiator of which is senior positions, relations have become more equal, informal.

Using humor as a weapon to achieve its goals, remember that the main thing – do not overdo it. Because between humor and seriousness traced a fine line.

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