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The most common female traps

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Women’s trap is artfully arranged network, once in which the man did not immediately realize what had been the victim of an insidious and carefully thought-out plan. As a result, the cooling in relations, grievances and omissions, loss of confidence and sometimes even the separation.
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The most common female traps
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The most common female traps
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The most common female traps
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The woman always says what he thinks. Moreover, her requests not to spend money on flowers and gifts in no case should not be taken literally – if you will not present the gift, then the offense is very strong. At this, listen carefully to the lady – if she asks you not to spend money on a gift, and buy some trifle, some never do. The result will be the accusation that the man is greedy and calculating, inattentive and does not value relationships. A way out of this difficult situation one need to choose-to buy-to give something really worthwhile, such a gift before which will not stand any woman.

If your relationship went at a fairly serious level, it is quite likely that a woman will need to “conquer territory”. It all starts from afar – it first starts to annoy your friends, then she opted for any one person, usually the best friend of men. And begins massive attack – she condemns his behavior, habits and lifestyle, complains that communication with this man spoil a man, and so on, the Calculation is simple – each gradually disappears from your life, and the object of criticism is the man. To cope with female manipulation just let her know that one appreciates her personal qualities and external data, it will certainly flattered the pride of any woman. And the man will be able to communicate with each other.

Women love to ask probing questions about their appearance, causing men never keep her reasoning that it would be a bit to lose weight, go on a diet, change your hair, and so on, With its side such unanimity would cause an uproar means, in the present state it is not good enough and hairstyle she does not, and generally where you could see the extra weight. Just make a surprised face and say that it is good as it is.

After an intimate relationship that a woman loves to talk – don’t show your lack of interest, and simply often tell her that she is the most coveted and beloved. Do not preheat her interest, answering questions about how you liked best – a woman will definitely use your frankness to reservists and be offended.

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Women in business: tricks of the weaker sex

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The concept of “business lady” has long ceased to be anything unusual. Modern women are actively engaged in the business and cope with it perfectly well. Destroying a typical stereotypes, women prove that they can thought out to do business, to properly address important issues and smartly manage money.
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To be a successful business lady, besides education and competence woman, like man, must possess the qualities of a leader. Such necessary features as determination, perseverance, initiative, commitment and responsibility, along with a special mind, will allow you to reach the heights in any business. But equally if men and women do business? One can say with certainty that women, unlike men, are completely different heads.

Different approach, attention to detail and ability along with them to communicate, help women quickly gain confidence and make the team more cohesive. Business woman pay more attention to the little things and small details with which they are able to understand people. Thinly understanding of psychology, it is easier for women to anticipate the actions of others, to determine where truth and falsehood. Also they are able to smooth over the situation, calmly deal with difficult circumstances and to find the path to understanding.

The important role played by women’s intuition. Not always clarity, logic and rational thinking work, so in some situations plus women leaders is the ability to rely on intuition.

Women are often very emotional. Natural emotion and vivid verbal communication help to gain understanding. As is usual for almost all women the ability to create the necessary atmosphere is half of success in negotiations.

Business lady better know who and how to communicate. They are able to speak the language of the interlocutor, but also know how wonderfully convincing. It turns out that recent opponents, and in a few minutes the partners. The ability of women to make contact helps to establish important social connections.

Women in business achieve special skills, because in addition to the usual qualities of a leader have a number of secrets that help them to be successful. This does not mean that every business ladies will indulge in emotions, to put pressure on the pity and to decide all cases with coquetry. The main secret of women leaders is sincerity and confidence in working with people.

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