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How to stop worrying

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How to stop worrying
People are worried for different reasons: joy, happiness, sadness, grief, unexpected events, work… But most of all worried over nothing. It would seem, and causes no visible, and people cheat yourself constantly thinking about that concern. Sometimes the anxiety becomes habitual, and this is not beneficial to health.
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How to stop worrying
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How to stop worrying
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How to stop worrying
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How to stop worrying
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Try to create a positive climate. Ask yourself: is it a good, comfortable whether at home, at work. If not, change something, something you try to equip the main living areas and moments as you like. Often aldates with people, radiating confidence and joy. From these people you recharge energy, positive emotions.

Your health will be good, and therefore the mood, too, if you eat healthy, fresh, well-balanced food. Do not eat too late, abundant and nutritious food can lead to poor sleep and bad dreams.

Determine your normal sleep. For him it is desirable to take at least seven hours per day. The room in which you sleep, well ventilate, try to remove it from the computer.

The rest must also be of high quality. Spend time for Hobbies, those that bring pleasure, fill the life and the body with energy, joy. Listen to music, ride the ski, watch movies, and most importantly – have fun.

Try to see all positive. Even in a bad event, not a very good person, you can find something good. Do not let negative thoughts and feelings to absorb themselves. Learn even in unpleasant situations to think constructively, aiming for a positive outcome. And bad thoughts consciously replace thoughts about the best.

Examine your life, schedule coming and global reach. A life filled with meaning, which is the real goal, something to strive for, gives less cause for concern and alarm.

And try to stop controlling every aspect of his and especially in someone else’s life. It is a minor little things take a lot of psychological and emotional forces. Of course, plan the main case and the desired results you want. But if something goes not according to plan, don’t rush to survive and beat my head against the wall. Tell yourself that all is for the best, and think about how you want to do in the changed situation, and the desired end result.

Do some yoga. It gives a sense of confidence, peace, gives the possibility of philosophical look at life, not to get upset over little things and little things. Last time very widespread dance classes and relaxace (a combination of massage and psychotherapy).

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Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter

Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter
Early autumn is the best time to think about improving immunity. Ahead of a cold, flu, lack of vitamins and sunlight. Therefore, on how you set up the body, depends on how you will spend the winter.
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Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter
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Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter
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Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter
Strengthening immunity
Autumn immunity: how to prepare your body for winter
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All summer you’ve had a chance to get the vitamins along with fresh fruits and vegetables. But, unfortunately, the vitamins do not accumulate in your body, as in the pantry. And in order not to feel their lack of need to constantly enter into the diet products with more of their content. First of all, it concerns vitamin C. In many respects from its presence depends on the body’s ability to fight colds. Not less important in this capacity, and b vitamins B. Eat more kiwi, peppers, citrus, fish and dairy products.

Iron deficiency leads to reduced hemoglobin, which leads to fatigue, dizziness and weakness. Eat more eggs, meat, seafood and apples. And eat apples with the skin. It just contained the highest amount of iron.

Can use the pharmacy alcohol tincture of Echinacea. Daily three times a day, drink 50 ml It significantly raises the body’s defenses.

It has long been known that the best way to protect the body against influenza is vaccination. Do not pass up it, if you value your health.

In order to strengthen the body, to improve resilience, try to adhere to the day. For example, for recreation, you need 7-8 hours of healthy sleep. Eat at regular intervals of time. The body has its own rhythm and constantly breaking mode, you make the confusion in his work.

Akalaitis with exercise and water treatments. Start the morning with a small charge and a contrast shower. Walk in the evening before going to sleep. Don’t neglect personal hygiene. Returning home, be sure to wash your hands. Especially if during the day you were in a crowded bridges. Many bacteria, are activated in the autumn, are transmitted during touch handrails, door handles, bills and coins.

Rinse daily nasal passages. Better to use a solution of sea salt. The procedure will help to fight germs getting on the mucous membranes of the nose.

And try the last warm days to spend, as close as possible to nature, in the company of friends that would charge a good mood.


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