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Pilates: the secret development

KamboJa, author JustLady.
Pilates: the secret development
Developed in the twentieth century the system of Pilates has long been closed and only available to a small group of favorites: actors, athletes, dancers. Fortunately for the rest, gradually Pilates became possible for ordinary mortals. Today, Pilates, thanks to its balance and high efficiency, has millions of fans.
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Pilates: the secret development
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Pilates: the secret development
System Pilates

Fitness Pilates system, invented by Joseph Pilates for quite a long time remained gymnastics for the elite. “Gymnastics with privileges” was only available to the ballet dancers, athletes and stars of the silver screen. Other mortals were content with more traditional types of fitness.

What is the uniqueness of Pilates? First of all, the personality of its Creator. Born in 1880, Joseph Pilates did not differ in good health. Over time astatichno-rickety Creator of Pilates decided to develop its own method of healing.

In the Pilates system included the most effective elements of yoga, martial arts, dance and other areas in sport. Having started its existence as the national soup of many sports, Pilates is not pure fitness discipline. Rather, it is the whole system of interaction of body and mind akin to yoga.

The Pilates system is based on eight principles. The first of them is relaxation. Following it, the training should start only after calming down, relieving the tension and relax.

Principle number two – concentration. According to him, during training the person needs to be fully present in what he does. Every movement must be consciously, with full attention.

According to the third principle, the practitioner should always control his posture during the exercise. The fourth principle is proper breathing.

The fifth principle – centered. It means regular, on-going work of the muscles that make up “a muscular corset”. The sixth principle of coordination: ongoing compliance with all of the previous principles.

The seventh principle is smooth dance moves. And eighth – gradually increase your endurance with increasing experience of the practice of Pilates. Of course, this is an important regularity of practice.

All these principles make Pilates a great way to create a good “ballet” shape, improve posture and grace. Pilates even recommend that people in the period of rehabilitation after various injuries.

In addition, practicing Pilates argue that gymnastics is changing the Outlook and perspective on things no worse than yoga. Well, a bit of optimism in our world full of stress will not hurt you.

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How to make a plastic body

Kelebro, author JustLady.
How to make a plastic body
One of the most important qualities in many sports is plasticity: so, without advanced plastics cannot be a good dancer or artistic gymnast. However, this skill does is not always innate – there are certain techniques to promote flexibility of the body.
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Stretch the muscles. By itself stretching allows you to give yourself much more freedom of movement, stretched dancer can do much more vivid Mach foot or issue another “PA” with a much greater amplitude. Stretch is twice per workout, during workout and at the end of each class. This is the second time you need to do exercises through strength and discomfort, because only this is the key to dramatic results.

Engage in physical performance. Physical training – based plastics as such. To perform a variety of items, you often need physical strength, you need somewhere to take. In particular, you will never be able to smoothly get up on his hands, if you do not have the fortress of the spinal muscles to hold yourself to Navis. At the same time try by all means to avoid heavy lifting and work with loads: timates, squat and podtiagivayus, it will teach the body to “work” with his own weight. So, leaving more than 50 times, not only will you develop arm strength, but instinct will be to hone the technique that will allow you to make even such simple movements are clear and smooth.

Learn a uniform flow. In literal translation it means “over”: try to move in a sports hall and perform elements of different types, starting with jumps and finishing wheels. Your ultimate goal is to constantly maintain the same speed; to make the move even so much that you even after a jump will fall in the selected rhythm.

The development of this exercise is its bottom counterpart. Try to walk like a monkey (on four legs) while maintaining smoothness – this time the obstacle will be significant exercise. Combine transitions with somersaults and spins; if you have a horse, use it as a barrier. One of the best landmarks in this exercise are fighters capoeira, plastic which is of such character.

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