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Do hair lamination home

Mazajka, author JustLady.
Do hair lamination home
Now fashion hair lamination. Hair after lamination look fabulous, but in the salon this service is not cheap, especially what to do about hair lamination should each month. How to save money and make laminating at home?
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The lamination of hair is a new way to make your hair beautiful and healthy. Laminated hair no more split ends and become radiant Shine. The effect of this procedure lasts about a month.

During lamination, the hair is covered with a special compound, but he doesn’t make the hair stiff and lifeless, on the contrary, the hair is beautiful, well-groomed and shiny. Hair covered with a film, which allows them to breathe, but at the same time it seals all the damaged hair. Also, the lamination protects the hair from damage. If your hair is colored, the color will last much longer.

Before laminating hair at home, you must go to an experienced and fully learn the lamination.

There is a very simple and relatively cheap method of laminating hair is spray-laminate. It is applied on wet hair and lasts until the first wash.

There are more professional tools for laminating hair at home. It is laminated in three stages. The first phase hot phase, the second stage cold lamination and the third step is the application of restorative hair mask.

Lamination of hair at home is done on freshly washed hair. To wash your hair, use a professional super cleansing shampoo. Before lamination, the hair should be freshly washed and completely freed from particles, dust and sebum. If you have dandruff cure it before procedure bioluminescene.

The first step is the application of hot regenerant on the basis of creatine. Means are processed wet hair immediately after washing. On the hair roots do not apply! Back off a couple of inches from the roots. Then, on the head put a plastic cap and wrap it with a towel. Wait 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Then, comes the second stage of the lamination cold lamination. Apply the laminating composition to wet hair in a gentle massaging motion. To hold the tool 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Next is the final stage of lamination. After the second phase is slightly dry hair and apply the mask. Hold for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse.

The effect of such lamination at home lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on the frequency of washing your hair.

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Foot bath at home

Lyudmila Baskakova, author JustLady.
Foot bath at home
You have a habit to care for your hands, face and body. However, your feet also require careful maintenance all year round. In winter, you go to warm shoes, summer sandals and sand on the beach. At any time of the year and under any circumstances feet please you with ease and appearance, learn how to care for them. For example, begin to indulge their trays. This is possible even at home.
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There are different types of baths for the feet. In order to decide what is right for you, determine what you want to achieve through the procedure. If your goal is to train the legs and strengthen the blood vessels, you will approach the contrast baths. Put the next two basin. In one pour cold water, the other hot. Lower legs alternately first in hot water, then in cold, keeping them in water for 20 seconds. Follow step 8-10 times.

In order to avoid or get rid of the cracks on the soles and dead skin, take a warm foot bath. Add water, potassium permanganate. After the bath, make a dressing with Levomycetinum ointment for 2-3 hours before bedtime. For treatment should be such procedure 7-10 days.

To moisturize the skin of the feet (this may be necessary in the hot season), take a bath with the addition of sodium chloride or sea salt. Also suitable for this purpose bath with a decoction of herbs: mint, nettle, plantain, horsetail. 3 tablespoons chopped herb mixture, pour a glass of boiling water, then add the resulting solution in warm water. Baths with salt will also help you with leg edema. For this fit and lime color and infusion of the bark of a cherry. Infusion of the bark should be pre-filled with boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes.

If you want to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet, it will help you pharmacy chamomile. It, like other herbs, can be purchased at the pharmacy. A tablespoon of chamomile brew in boiling water, wait 30 minutes and pour the solution in warm water. Take such a bath for 15-20 minutes. The use of essential oils will help get rid of cracks on the skin of the feet and calluses. Relieve fatigue will help the infusion of pomegranate peels. After bathing necessarily, rinse your feet with warm water, dry with a soft towel and put on cotton socks. Regular intake of trays will make your feet soft and gentle.

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