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Sex in the wrong place

Olga Bezruchko, author JustLady.
Sex in the wrong place
So that attracts some pairs in extreme sex? Often this type of sex practiced by people not because they won’t have intercourse, but because in this situation they get a surge of sensuality, arousal, and orgasm is sometimes much brighter.
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Of course, there are some people who have a tendency to exhibitionism. These people pleasure, when they are observed in such an intimate moment. But yet most couples have sex in the wrong places, to experience new thrills.

The fear of being caught, the presence of a small amount of time – all this spurs the desire to make sex more vivid and memorable. Some couples do eventually have sex in unexpected places, to bring variety in established, quiet life.

Unexpected places for sex you can think of a great many: some people like to do it in the office, public toilets, car, others prefer public transportation, Park, Elevator, etc. If you want to spice your relationship, but sex in public places is unacceptable for you, you can leave the city. You will get new exotic sensations, as is still the possibility that you are someone will notice.

Some couples, on the contrary, like to have sex in a rather crowded places. For example, at a party, beach, airplane, movie theater. For them, the presence of people is more stimulating factor. But remember that if you will notice, it can be a shock for others and for you. Some people may perceive it as hooliganism.

Some women can experience orgasm only in unusual situations and places. If this will be enough, if the partner stimulate the clitoris by hand.

Many people fantasize on the subject of spontaneous sex in the wrong places, but only a few dare this idea to implement. If you and your partner will want to do this experiment, you should be prepared for the fact that you may notice. Otherwise all the beauty of this sex will disappear. And good sex will bring into your relationship with new paint and possibly make them more sturdy and trustworthy.

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Sex and health: the sexologists of disputed claims

Leila Fil, author JustLady.
Sex and health: the sexologists of disputed claims
Health and sex life – whether there exists the relationship between them? If there is, how is it connected? Experts spoke about the controversial claims of negative and positive effects of sex on health. What statements are true and which are fiction?
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From sex, you can lose weight.
It is not a myth. The specialists of the Moscow Institute of endocrinology proved that there is a direct relationship between sexual activity and weight reduction. They did a study on a group of men, weighing more than 100 kg of obese Patients simply were active sex life without taking any drugs for weight loss. In just 4 months, some were able to lose up to 40 kg! Other methods such effect was not given. According to experts, only sexual stimulation increases the heart rate up to 180 beats per minute and starts the active expenditure of calories. One act you can spend up to 300 calories. Experts add that the sex certainly improves overall health and physical condition of the person, but still not worth it to use it as a tool for weight loss. Not to turn it into a sport. In order to bring yourself into shape, they recommend physical activity.

Sex rejuvenates the body.
It’s the truth. Sexologists say that during sexual intercourse is released into the blood of the female hormone – estrogen. This hormone improves the ability of cells to restore skin longer remains supple and elastic. The more often a woman has sex and orgasm, the longer it will look good.

The more sex, the better for health?
Not quite so. For men, according to experts, not the frequency of the acts, and their regularity. Long breaks help reduce sexual function. Women regular sex will help to avoid stagnation in the small pelvis. Regular sex is necessary and to maintain a stable hormonal levels. Hormonal imbalances can contribute to various pathologies. For example, women may face the problem of excess body hair. Experts recommend to limit the frequency of acts only people who suffer severe disease – myocardial infarction or ischemia.

Sex disease prevention prostate
Sexologists believe this myth. Scientists from Nottingham University claim that excessive sexual activity at the age of 20-30 years causes an increased load on the prostate gland. As a consequence an increased level of male hormones increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Elderly people sex will do more harm than good
Experts agree with this statement. Despite the fact that sexual relations bring positive emotions, improve metabolism and blood circulation, they take a huge amount of energy. In the elderly may increase the pressure, increasing the burden on the heart, brain and blood vessels. Increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Sometimes novels men in advanced age with the young ladies lead to a tragic outcome.

Clearly the opinion of experts about such statements as: sex increases the intellect, is a good painkiller, or improves the sense of smell. It’s all really the myths and nonsense!

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