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What can you say about the man his briefs

Svetlana Carbis, author JustLady.
What can you say about the man his briefs
Briefs – the first part of the wardrobe that man puts on when getting out of bed. Some men are cowards to solely as protection from dirt and cold, others are trying to decorate yourself like a girl. Not surprisingly, model and color of panties you got something to say about the person who wears them.
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What can you say about the man his briefs
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What can you say about the man his briefs
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Men’s briefs existed in primitive times – thigh bandages type shorts men covered causal place from dirt, cold and extra views. In the modern world there are more than 15 different types of underwear models, from simple to glamorous. By the way, the choice of a particular model it is possible to learn something about the man – the owner of cowards.

Classic boxer-trunks crafted from mainly choose men who monitor their appearance and shape, visit the gym. Most of them knows a lot about sex, love to enjoy yourself and deliver it to the partner. However, it is widely believed that by girls classic melting like the least. They look simple, unpretentious and do not attract attention to the causal body parts. Maybe it would be good?

Boxers – extended option knitted underwear-bottoms. The model that has become particularly popular in recent years. It is the boxers, in the opinion of the girls, most sexy look for men. Man choosing briefs-boxers – the soul of the company, humorist, able to carry a conversation with him is always interesting. But in sex, the man in boxers selfish, accustomed to think only about his own pleasure.

Silk boxers, red truselya” are often the subject of live discussions than meet real men. But if your friend was dared to wear such panties, then perhaps he is the fairy Prince, the Saint that you will not regret to spend a lot of time in order to please a woman.

The most popular panties Soviet boxers. They are called family, because in these shorts, you can go home with the family, children, relatives, not afraid to embarrass any of their bulges. “Semanti” considered to be the most non-sexual cowards. Now this is not a very common style. However, fans of the family of cowards! Modest family panties free style variegated colors to choose men who appreciate the comfort, care about their health (briefs well ventilated, nothing sweats). Fans of “Simantov” – gentle, affectionate, intelligent, often partygoer, ready for a serious long relationship. Of them have a great family man.

A rare variant of the elongated boxers – Cycling shorts – sometimes found among athletes. Made these shorts with the addition of synthetic fibers, lycra. The bike shorts are not afraid of difficulties, love adventure, the struggle for the goal. In sex caring, tender, attentive. But it is not excluded that there may be adherents of the unusual types of sexual relationships and games.

Panties-thongs, briefs Tanga (Tong) wear mostly strippers and supporters of homosexuals. However, some people prefer them. Usually cowards man tries to draw attention to himself, showing that he is expert in sex, what “toy” hidden behind the thin cloth, ready for any experiments. The same he will require from you.

However, men being no less mysterious than girls. Things can turn out very differently. It’s just briefs, possibly donated by the mother or colleagues on February 23. Therefore, it is not too serious to treat the details of the clothes and even more so, to choose the cowards companion.

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Picnic with a loved

Picnic with a loved
A holiday for two in the fresh air, enjoy a leisurely chat and long-awaited solitude – sometimes this is exactly what we need to get closer or to refresh a long-term relationship. Consider a picnic with your loved one in advance and in detail – then no surprises will not spoil the joy of communication.
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Spend your time thinking about the menu. You can prepare all the ingredients for sandwiches, bake branded cake and pour into a thermos of coffee standard picnic set. But a picnic with a loved man is also a romantic date. Let the snacks are delicious and varied three – layer sandwich, seafood (sushi rolls), mushrooms. Be sure to take a bottle of wine and dessert – strawberries, chocolate sweets, fruits.

Traditionally for attacks on the nature of the used basket where you can put all supplies. So food is not spoiled, take a cooler (put and drinks). Don’t forget Cutlery, especially wine glasses – plastic dishes leave for trips to the cottage with friends. Set of wipes, a blanket, a corkscrew, a pair of candles and red rose – are you ready for a picnic.

Entertainment is a matter of purely individual. Someone wants to soak up the sun, chatting about the little things and enjoy each other’s company. Other couples prefer active rest – align picnic with a game of badminton, roller skating or Biking. Going to the shore of a lake or river, take a bathing suit and inflatable mattress – there is nothing better on a hot day than to wiggle on the mattress and supply the body a gentle breeze. By the way, remember the mosquitoes and other nasty “neighbors” – grab a spray insect repellent and a couple of warm sweaters in case the evening coolness.

You may need a portable disc player to create a special atmosphere. Write down your favorite songs, preferably slow and romantic, or words of love to your partner – an unexpected confession will touch his heart.

Approach to the organization of joint spending time with your loved inventive and soul – he will appreciate your efforts, and then both of you are guaranteed a wonderful holiday.

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