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Thinness as the purpose of life

Lola Uzhegova, author JustLady.
Thinness as the purpose of life
Perhaps one day the girl who called colon in school. Maybe it was not fastened favourite jeans, or maybe the young man chose her another, and figure the other was more slender. The reasons are not so important. Importantly, some girls and even girls make the desire to be thin in the purpose of my life.
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Thinness as the purpose of life
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Thinness as the purpose of life
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Thinness as the purpose of life
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Don’t confuse the desire to be thin with the desire to be slim. Slim, toned body have been appreciated in Ancient Greece. Slender body is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. However, the fashion for excessive thinness portrayed in movies, on television, on the catwalk and on the Internet, clearly knocked the women of the XXI century from the true path.

Heroin chic that got popular in the 90’s ruined not one beauty. The cult of thinness seems to be invincible. No television programs about healthy lifestyle, no amount of exhortation doctors and nutritionists, no arguments relatives are not able to bring it down. Looking at pictures of the emaciated diets of girls with legs, more like a match, convinced thin people continue to say that it’s great. Young ladies are always talking about that dream of getting anorexia, and all the arguments that anorexia causes irreparable harm to the health and often leads to death, they do not care. “I will be able at the right time to stop, and health will think later” is their motto.

If you look carefully, the arguments of these girls you can find common seed. Indeed, to be thin is good. Slim body helps to avoid many of the diseases that tend to overweight people. However, the foundations of a healthy lifestyle are often misunderstood and perverted beyond recognition. Sports turn into a mockery of the body, and proper nutrition in starvation. For example, fruits are often banned because they have a lot of fructose and starch.

Sometimes communication with the girls, whose purpose in life is thinness becomes unbearable for others. That girlfriend refuses baked with love pie, not finding the time to meet because of the next grueling workout, you can get used. But the constant, endless talks about how she’s fat, what is the new diet was invented and how much the human body can live without food is very difficult. Obsessed with losing weight girl torturing not only themselves, but also loved ones.

In life there are a lot of pleasant things that are in no way associated with the shape, weight and clothing size. Family, friends, creativity, education and career – the world is not limited to the shape of the body, and it would be great if the girl had not forgotten about it.

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What I want from a relationship men of different ages

Olga SIO, author JustLady.
What I want from a relationship men of different ages
Famous mother’s saying that all men are the same and want only one thing, is just a horror story for a young girl. Actually each of them is a real unique, for the set of qualities of character. And what they want from a relationship with a woman, depends on age.
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16-25 years. Age of increased sexual activity. During this period, young people still do not want stability and are looking for a permanent adventure. Formed in nature and not well-established quality can change the behavior of men in a short time from “romantic Prince” to “rough Neanderthal”.

25-30 years. The period of youth hypersexuality already behind. At this time, the man is not satisfied with the accessible girls and opted for those of you who might be considered as a future wife. There is a desire to create family and to create a cosy home”.

30-35 years. At this age, almost all men are tired of organized life and monotony relations with his wife. Often, they appear harmless married mistress. To divorce his wife, the man is not configured, though, and makes it higher requirements in terms of life and care about him.

35-45 years. At this age many men, there is a desire to “stay young”. The desire for stability and understanding mixed with the desires of the spirit and new discoveries. At this time the male is crucial that they are admired and idolized. To appreciate his successes and achievements. Such admiring lovers become, as a rule, young mistress.

45-55 years. Leaving the youth and a decrease in sexual activity causes men to moderate their zeal. Appears gratitude to my wife and the good-natured character. It happens that there is a woman who can rock the senile sexuality, and again the man plunges into the maelstrom of “forbidden love”. Only to divorce at this age, few risks, novels finish quickly.

After 55. Understanding his wife make a man of venerable age in docile and faithful wife. If a man is alone, he can feel the most tender and romantic feelings in my life. At this age, comes the desire to care for the woman to give her all the care and attention that only man is capable of. Next to the woman he flourishes and starts to dream and wish.

The wisdom of women is that, knowing the peculiarities of this or that age men, to forgive him some character flaws associated with it.

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