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Spa is one of the methods of physical therapy, including the treatment of sea water, mud, algae, salts and other medicinal plants and minerals. The magic of these words will not leave indifferent any woman, even a little pay attention to their appearance. However, to enjoy all these delights, not necessarily to go to a Spa or indulge in a Spa salon. All of this action could be deployed in your bathroom. Importantly, in advance, to prepare, to consider all the details.

For maximum relaxation effect give food to all the senses. Filling the bathtub with water (35-40 degrees), add the optional sea salt, essential oil, seaweed extract or decoction, milk and honey.

Light up aromatici, put meditative music, scatter rose petals or put a small flower arrangement. Drinks can be chilled choose green or ginger tea, mineral water or juices-fresh.

You’ll also need: scrub for face and body (you can cook yourself), pumice and massage mitten, means to soften and nourish the skin after water treatment (algae, mud, oils and towels.

Previously, it is useful to do a small complex restorative exercises or yoga asanas. After you can do mud or chocolate wrap.

Take a shower (contrast). Massage mitten in a circular motion RUB the body, make peeling. Apply a nourishing face mask and immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of water, your favorite scents and the harmony of sounds, carrying away the cares and worries, giving you peace and serenity.

After a bath (15-20 minutes, no more), rinse, do anti-cellulite massage of problem areas (using special tools), massage, face, neck and décolleté. Apply a moisturizing cream or milk with a few drops of oil of roses (orange, grapefruit, peppermint, patchouli etc).

Wrapped in your favorite robe, and had a desire to drink cold drink. Relax, listen to the sounds of the surf or the voice of the dolphins.

On this day, it is better not to overeat, to spend on fruit, vegetable and grain diet, to drink more.

Eliminate potatoes, coffee, fatty, meat and yeast bread.

On top of that ritual can make yourself a Spa manicure and pedicure.

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Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin

Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin
Women who had a normal skin have many advantages. But unfortunately, this skin ages and loses its freshness or slightly slower than the other types. The complex of exercises and herbal medicine for your face will help to preserve the freshness and beauty of the skin.
Article on “Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin”
Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin
Exercises and herbal medicine for mixed skin
Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin
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Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin
How to beat red blood vessels on the nose and under the eyes: gymnastics and phytotherapy
Exercises and herbal medicine for normal skin
Gymnastics for the face in puberty

Gymnastic exercises for normal skin (the first 5 are due to muscle tension in your lips):

– fill your mouth with a small volume of air, imagine if it were a ball. Massage the lips and cheeks from the inside (first push the air to the left, then to the right cheek, under the lower lip, then under the top). Continue the exercise for several tens of seconds;

– squeeze the lips and start to wrap them inside until their complete disappearance. Begin turn down the corners of the lips, holding each position for several seconds;

– eating turns the upper lip, then the bottom. Repeat 4-12 times;

three fingers pull the skin up until your lips will not stretch in a narrow line. Stretch and shorten the muscles of the lips arbitrarily;

firmly holding the teeth, straining muscles of the chin. Breathe through the mouth. Exhale reinforced, lips folded funnel (the flow of exhaled air should be felt at a distance of 15 cm) Repeat 12 times;

– close your eyes, firmly squeeze the eyelids, then priderite and open them several times. Next most widely open your eyes for a few seconds.

Herbal medicine is not only effective, but also proven for centuries and generations method of treatment of many diseases. All that is given to us by nature, we can benefit our health and beauty. This method of treatment and recovery of the organism has no side effects than established himself among doctors and ordinary people:

mask of sour cream, apricot and vegetable oil. The pulp of a few apricots (3-5 PCs) mix with olive oil, a tablespoon of sour cream and beaten egg whites. Keep the mask for 15 minutes;

– aloe Vera juice. Purified after class and masks lubricate the skin with a piece of leaf aloe Vera gel or juice;

mask of oat flour, starch and quince. RUB ripe quince on the finest grater, add 1 tablespoon of boiling water and 1 teaspoon of starch or oatmeal. Leave the mask for 15 minutes;

lotion from camphor alcohol and grapefruit juice. Prepare a lotion made from juice of one grapefruit with adding a couple of drops of camphor alcohol. Wipe their skin after using the mask and gymnastics;

– lime purifying brew. After a heavy sweat, stay in a dusty area or practice it is recommended to wipe the face strained infusion of Linden flowers. It is well relieves irritation and soothes the skin;

– nourishing cream from lanolin, oat flour and the juice of strawberries. You will need a half Cup of strawberry juice, dessert spoon lanolin and powder oatmeal or cereal. Dissolve the lanolin and add the oatmeal powder, then gently pour the strawberry juice. Stir all until a homogeneous mass.

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