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How to choose the right diet

How to choose the right diet
Diets there is such a huge number that only the enumeration of them would take several days. They are all equally promise huge results in a relatively short period of time. How not to get lost in this diversity and a well-balanced diet in order to lose weight, and preserve his health?
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How to choose the right diet
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How to choose the right diet
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How to choose the right diet
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How to choose the right diet
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First of all, you need to consider that any diet is very individual. If your friend lost weight, eating coffee and crackers, does not mean that you should immediately adopt its best practices. Maybe your girlfriend too healthy body, if he made such a mockery. We will agree at once, any good diet should meet several requirements.

First, it should be balanced. Secondly, it should not cause you discomfort. Thirdly, you should not be contraindications for her health. And last – the diet should fit your lifestyle and age.

The nutrition plan that suits the girl in 25, it is absolutely not suitable for ladies 40. If you are active in sports, a well-balanced diet will help you coach. It would be wise to select a diet to consult a professional nutritionist. He will be able to make diet menus for you individually, taking into account all the nuances and subtleties. The best and proper diet is a sensible diet throughout life. No matter how boring it to you may seem more effective method yet invented.

All diets give a quick, but short-term effect, if immediately after, you will return to the previous way of life. Want to save the results, select a diet, which you can follow. Such reasonable diets there are many. The main difference from short-term diets is the right ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Moreover, they take into account not only energy, but the nutritional value of food.

There are so-called “empty calories” that does not bear the body any good. They are deposited in reserve on our side. Besides proper daily diet should contain enough vitamins and minerals. Such a diet will benefit your health and your appearance.

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Diet according to the method of the Michel Montignac

Diet according to the method of the Michel Montignac
Diet Michel Montignac is not even a diet, but a complete overhaul of her diet and lifestyle. People pereprobovavšij avail a lot of diets, decided to try “what is this Montignac”, suddenly surprised to notice that they begin to lose weight. It turns out they have it easy, but at the cost of not accounting for almost nothing.
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Strictly speaking, the Montignac method is based on the principle of food combining. Food is delimited on the protein-lipid and protein-carbohydrate, combine among themselves the products belonging to different groups, it is impossible. Sugar in its pure form is imposed taboos.

The Montignac to distinguish clearly between “bad” and “good” carbohydrates, it introduces a strict no sugar, white bread, potatoes, because of their processing, the body is forced to discard large quantities of insulin. And this substance is secreted by the pancreas, and loves to send recycled their energy into body fat.

“Good” carbohydrates include whole wheat bread, fruits and some grains. They can be eaten in small quantities, because they do not cause an insulin spike, and supply the body with sufficient quantity of necessary energy.

Diet Matyniak includes two phases – phase weight loss and the phase of stabilization.

The first phase is more strict, it lasts up until the desired weight is reached. The second phase allows some relief to adhere to it will have the rest of my life.

The advantages of the Montignac diet can be attributed to the fact that it is quite balanced losing weight it’s not as fast, but quite true. Dropped weight very rarely return to their seats.

Disadvantages it didn’t. The only thing that has to be considered a supporter of Montignac, is that now they have to think about each meal, avoiding forbidden combinations.

Because the Montignac prohibits to combine among themselves fats and carbohydrates, some dishes will have to be abandoned altogether. For example, dumplings, cakes, pastries. But still there are many other equally delicious, so we can say that the method of Montignac is a good find for those who want to lose weight for the long haul.

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