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How to check your cholesterol

Kim Rokotov, author JustLady.
How to check your cholesterol
“Bad cholesterol” promotes the formation of sclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels, which prevents normal blood flow to organs and tissues. As a result, may develop serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, angina, myocardial infarction and stroke. So checking the level of cholesterol in the blood is quite relevant diagnostic procedure.
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How to check your cholesterol
How to check your cholesterol
How to check your cholesterol
What is cholesterol
How to check your cholesterol
How to find out your cholesterol
How to check your cholesterol
How to check cholesterol
Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) produced mainly in the liver and of great importance for the organism. It is present in the outer layer of every cell of the human body and performs many functions involved in the production of hormones, converts vitamin D from sunlight, affects the metabolism and so forth)

Small amounts of cholesterol needed by the body, but its excess, obuslavlivaya in particular malnutrition, can carry serious harm to the body. In addition to malnutrition predisposing factors to the accumulation of excess cholesterol in the body are overweight, sedentary lifestyle, Smoking, alcohol abuse.

The content of cholesterol in the blood can vary from 3, 6 mmol/l to 7, 8 mmol/l For people with heart disease, this figure should be no more than 4, 5 mmol/l For healthy people – 5 mmol/l Indicators that are between 5 mmol/l and 7, 8 mmol/l are marked as “slightly elevated” and “moderately high”. The more figures 7, 8 mmol/l are talking about a very high cholesterol level.

Symptoms high cholesterol no, the patient or the doctor will not be able to determine its level by touch or sight. They are identified, if you have signs of atherosclerosis: pain in the legs during exercise, blood clots, rupture of blood vessels, yellow spots on the skin, especially around the eyes.

One of the most common ways to determine the level of cholesterol is the laboratory of biochemical blood analysis carried out on an empty stomach (not earlier than 12-14 hours after the last meal).

To check the level of cholesterol in the home. In pharmacies there are special tools to do it. The principle of their operation is quite simple: they placed a special strip with a drop of blood and after a few seconds the screen displays a number indicating the amount of cholesterol in your body.

Doctors recommend even for healthy people, not feeling any discomfort, check the level of cholesterol in the blood at least once in five years.

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What is dangerous is the removal of moles

Catherine Ananjeva, author JustLady.
What is dangerous is the removal of moles
Moles are benign tumors that may be smooth and flat, convex, or covered with hair. They are formed during metabolism disorder of melanin synthesis. Usually moles do not cause any particular problems, but are cosmetic flaw, therefore, are subject to removal. But few know what danger lies in the removal of moles.
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What is dangerous is the removal of moles
Removal of moles: the popular and safe methods
What is dangerous is the removal of moles
Methods of removing moles
What is dangerous is the removal of moles
Mole: how to look sexy
What is dangerous is the removal of moles
Moles on the body – nature’s plan or a sign from above?
You should know that even a small mole can turn into a malignant tumor. Normal mole is a cluster of benign pigmented cells, which could be absolutely in all parts of the body, as well as on mucous membranes. Most nevi and melanomas appears in puberty. Throughout the life of their number varies, they may disappear or increase.

Sometimes people don’t even pay attention to moles that are located throughout the body. But they are not as innocuous as it might seem at first glance. The usual harmless mole can easily escalate into a dangerous and even deadly melanoma, which killed a huge number of people.

There are so-called risk – these are moles that are constantly irritated and injured belts, shoes or clothing, as well as during shaving and combing. Moles that are located in these areas of risk, take the chance to turn into melanoma. If you noticed that she began to change in size or color, immediately contact your doctor.

Very often the person themselves provokes that birthmark has grown into a malignant tumor, as he does not know why actually dangerous to remove them. Even pulling out the hairs of their moles, you are annoying. Independent attempts to bleach the stain on the skin or bring can bring significant harm. It is not necessary to abuse sunbathing and tanning.

Before you decide to remove moles, you should consult a doctor and undergo histological examination, which will help to determine benign it education or not. If a mole is not dangerous, then selects the most effective method to remove it.

Methods of removing moles:

Electrocoagulation. With this method uses an electric shock, which burns the mole. After this procedure could be visible scar.

Liquid nitrogen is capable of removing moles, warts and moles. While it is impossible to pre-predict the influence of nitrogen on healthy tissue, so the integrity of the skin may be broken.

The mole can be removed surgically. This method is used if it has grown in size. However, after the operation there is a scar.

The laser is the most effective method of removing moles. Firstly, there is absolutely bloodless operation, secondly, there is no risk of infectious penetration. In addition, the laser does not leave scars.

Radiofrequency coagulation. In this case, nevus removal apparatus is carried out with a tungsten filament. Applied on mucous membranes and thin skin. This short procedure leaves no scars.

In any case, do not remove moles yourself at home. This may lead to a large loss of blood or infection. Contact a highly qualified specialist in the medical center, he will determine the degree of threat. After you remove moles clearly follow the doctor’s instructions and properly care for the skin. This will allow you to achieve maximum effectiveness and to avoid future problems.

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