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How and where to buy jerseys things?

Anastasia, author JustLady.
Jersey actually can be very stylish and fashionable, they are practical and snootie and no longer assocciate with trousers and tights. Today knitwear products are a great number of it make very expensive suits, dresses, lingerie. And pricing may vary. It all depends on the product, where and how it is implemented.
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How and where to buy jerseys things?
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How and where to buy jerseys things?
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How and where to buy jerseys things?
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How and where to buy jerseys things?
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One of the most affordable ways to purchase products from the Jersey is wholesale and retail stores, warehouses and databases. As a rule, small departments are available in every area of your city. They usually offer a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Some stores are narrowly focused trade, for example, only children’s jerseys. If you are lucky enough to find the jerseys shop with wholesale prices, you should stock up on and still means, to be able to buy for the future, such as socks or underwear. The advantage of this method of shopping is an opportunity not only to see the real product, evaluate its quality, but also the opportunity to try on your favorite model.

Another popular way of purchasing jerseys is online stores. There are presently a huge number and every large company tends to have its own store network, with the aim to expand the circle of potential customers and promote your business. If we talk about the disadvantages, it is of course the inability to try on and evaluate the quality of the product. The advantage is the possibility at any free time, even while at work, shopping or just to get acquainted with a new collection. Online stores are more willing to offer free shipping, discounts, arrange promotions and sales.

There is another option of buying jerseys of things through the Internet is a joint purchase. This type of purchase is convenient for those who do not have the ability to make purchases in stores, for example, young mothers, are responsible for raising children and are not able to find cheaper sales force Jersey. Another advantage is low price, almost wholesale. One person organizes the purchase, collecting orders from everyone, and then sends the order to the manufacturer or personally driving them to the Mall. You have to pay and take delivery in a convenient location. This type of purchase, and not only jerseys, gaining tremendous momentum and popularity.

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How to choose a color service

Svetlana Sarychev, author JustLady.
How to choose a color service
They say that Italians are almost born stylish and all without exception know how to choose the color of clothing with taste. And all because they are not important shiny elements in the clothing and its conspicuous sexuality (as is often the case in Russian). Because style is based on the right selection of colors of clothing and shoes, makeup and accessories. If the colors don’t really go together, one gets the impression that the image of “something wrong”. For example, gaze on clothes interlocutor and notes the degree of harmonious color combinations. If the eye catches the unbalance of the paints, the brain receives a signal irritation and is formed by the reaction of rejection. We can say that people wearing ugly, but not always able to explain what is this “necrosavant”. And in order to look stylish, it is necessary to adhere to the natural laws of color combinations.
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How to choose a color service
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It is important to combine no more than four colors. In the case of using only one color creates a feeling pale, inexpressive, boredom and sadness. And more than four colors is too brightly. Look people will rush from one color to another, not knowing what to choose. On an unconscious level, it increases anxiety.

Black, white, grey combined with all other colors, they are universal. It should be remembered that visually white “extends”, and black – on the contrary. These colors shall be used for the basic things you can add eye-catching accessories.

Best of all, when the bottom 1 to 3 shades darker than the top (but this does not apply to the white color). This allows you to make the figure more slender and lightweight.

All pastel colors (beige, peach, pink, light blue and other light, delicate colors) are combined with each other regardless of the color. They can be combined in any order. Care must be taken only with pink, which can complement or looking defiant.

Colors should relate not to the same extent, and on the following “scheme”: 1 – 2 primary colors (they occupy a large area service) + extra paint. Plays an important role and hair color, tights, handbags, and even packages that you have in your hand.

Between them can be combined or related or contrasting color. Related paints differ from each other in hue (red, pink, Burgundy). Contrasting completely opposite to each other(purple and yellow, blue and orange). The only combination that sometimes looks risky, red and green.

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