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Men serdceed: where do they come from?

Olga SIO, author JustLady.
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Emotionally unavailable and self-confident “serdceed” change one partner after another. Not having time to get used to, to know, to evaluate the merits of one woman they are searching the following, which do the same thing. What makes them behave this way of life, what are the hidden qualities carries the image of a “crushing macho”? Often these men do not understand what makes them constantly hunt for a new victim.
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Men serdceed: where do they come from?
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Men serdceed: where do they come from?
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Men serdceed: where do they come from?
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So happened that a woman who takes more interest to men who act cold and reserved in relation to it, than to those who are ready for it at all. The process of the conquest of such men brings a lot of excitement. If he starts to show some signs of attention, moral satisfaction from this incomparable. In such moments it seems that a little more and two loving hearts will come together to be together happily ever after, but after one or two meetings he suddenly stops responding to phone calls. Heart is broken, but life is finished.

Typically women, after such a break, start looking for the cause of their behavior. You should not blame yourself, just you’re out of luck, and instead of his half you met the typical heartthrob. There are many reasons that cause men to behave this way. Basically all they are laid in childhood. For ostentatious self-confidence is usually a whole bunch of complexes that prevent to build a normal relationship.

In childhood, such men often face hard against their mothers. The lack of attention and sympathy from the loved one ever leaves the impression that women can never be trusted. The fear that attachment to someone may end in betrayal and humiliation, causes a man to be unavailable and cold. He denies long-term relationship, so as not to expose themselves to such risk.

Another reason for the man was in adult life, “Heartbreaker”, may be the pressure of older brothers or sisters. The constant humiliation and insults could give men a strong inferiority complex. Throughout his life he subconsciously feels “worse” than the others, and is trying to prove to myself that this is not the case. Typically, these men achieve good success in school and career, but complete satisfaction from their success they never feel.

Capturing the hearts of women, such men for a while are pleased with himself. Loving partner does everything to please: showers him with compliments, trying to be the best and so on, And after a while the novelty disappears, and in the behavior of women begin to receive the terms and conditions. Unconscious fear that he will not be able to meet all the needs of women, makes “heartthrob” to search for a new facility to meet their needs.

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A romantic journey: in search of new sensations

Olga A, author JustLady.
A romantic journey: in search of new sensations
If you want to visit the most beautiful places of the world – go for the ride. But don’t forget that romantic trip is not only pleasant impressions from just what I have seen. In order to get new emotions and have a good time, select a comfortable and unusual hotel.
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For example, go to Alaska in the hotel-train “Aurora-Express”. Along the way you will enjoy the beauty of the North, about which wrote Jack London. The composition is made up of trains that more than half a century ago went on the Railways of the United States. Each room is unique in its own way.

For a big company will approach National Emblem. It has a living room, two bathrooms and four separate rooms. For lovers prepared the room with a huge bed. He wears a bold title Bordello.

If you have already tired of the cold weather, go to Africa. To see the beauty of Savannah and to stay cool in a hot local climate, buying tickets for this “Aurora” train hotel. Here the cars of a train of one of the oldest railway companies Rovos Rail converted into luxurious accommodation. The train is made in the image and likeness “Blue Express” of Queen Victoria.

The crowd here is always good, and endure the hardships of nomadic life is better in a huge tub under gilded ceilings and velvet curtains.

However, in order to enjoy the unusual impressions, it is not necessary to go so far – starchy London there is also a place for new experiences.

Take a break from exploring the old streets of the English capital, to discuss the beauty of the tower of London and Buckingham Palace will be better in the unusual Yotel hotel, located in the heart of London. The rooms here have views of the inner corridors, and the architectural masterpiece takes up very little space.

Spain is a good country for a romantic trip. But to get a completely different feel you can, staying in the hotel Cuevas Pedro Antonio De Alarcón, located near the town of Sierra Nevada. His rooms in the caves with more than seven ages of history. All of 23, and each has a bathroom, kitchen and fireplace. And from the observation deck located on the top of the hill where the hotel, offering stunning views of the surrounding city.

Another unusual hotel Ariau Amazon Towers Lodge is located in the crowns of trees-giants on the banks of the Amazon river. There can be top to watch the crocodiles swim in the pool, hanging over the river, sit in a cafe. The hotel consists of seven towers. To your rooms need to be accessible by swinging the ladders and suspended bridges. This, of course, a bit unusual. But you did come for romance and new sensations!

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