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How to teach a man to be attentive

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How to teach a man to be attentive
Many young people sometimes do not mention all the details, preferring to focus on the General features of a particular case or phenomenon. They can show negligence on the road, work, household, and personal communication with girlfriend. His inattention men often offend the ladies. How to teach a loved one to be more careful and observant?
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How to teach a man to be attentive
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How to teach a man to be attentive
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How to teach a man to be attentive
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How to teach a man to be attentive
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Trying to teach your loved one to observation and care, do not forget that his logical thinking is arranged not in the same way as you. Men hard to guess what your mood, and what you expect from him at the moment. They will not be able to recognize your face or eyes that you are angry or upset. Male logic assimilates information in verbal form, and then make operational decisions.

So as often as possible tell your beloved that you have accumulated on the soul. Tell him about those gestures of attention and the care that you would like to receive from him. He will make you happy if you will certainly know what he should do. Let’s have no illusions that he will be able to match all your desires without clear instructions from your side. Of course, over time they will begin to better understand on an intuitive level, but sometimes it is necessary to boast a solid number of years spent together.

Also teach your loved a man to order in everyday life. This will help him to develop pedantry. If you charge yourself absolutely all the household duties, constantly folding and hanging his things, bringing back all the chaos resulting from his activities, he will never be truly scrupulous person.

In addition, to develop in the male care using your own positive example. Usually people adopt basic pronounced habits of its second half. Especially if they realize that they themselves are deprived of these skills, and it prevents them in life. So be very careful, attentive, observant and caring towards his macho. He will appreciate it and will begin to change in the desired direction. But be patient. Big changes don’t happen in an instant.

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Famous books about sex

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Famous books about sex
In the modern world we are surrounded by many temptations, one of them is sex. This desire has led to many creative impulses, many of the authors who created books on this topic. This article will present the most famous of them.
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In the world there are a huge number of papers describing the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Many of them gained mass popularity, popularity and recognition in society.

The most famous book about sex always was and is the “Kama Sutra”, the author – Vatsyayana Mallanaga. She is the most famous book in the world, which talks about the art of sex, despite what was written in the 3rd century BC. This book is not only a collection of sexy poses, she reveals the relationship between a man and a woman. Of course some of the tips are outdated, but some of the reasoning of the author of love, sex and relationships and cultivate day is very important.

The second is no less known work of the Marquis de Sade called “Philosophy in the boudoir”. In this work the author presents his “immoral” views on sex, relationships between man and woman, religion and morality.

The following piece, written by Dominique ory called “the Story”, is a classic of erotic literature. The story is told from the girl’s face, which the lover gives “on education” in the castle, where all live under strict rules sadomasochistic relationship. This book was filmed.

No less famous in whole world, as well as filmed is a series of novels by author Emmanuelle Arsan under the name “Emmanuel”. The main character of the novel is not ashamed of their desires and pleasure embodies them in life.

And the fifth book, called “Venus in furs” is written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. In a book published in 1870 by the Austrian writer, were first described the pleasures of men from humiliation on the part of the beloved woman. This work has caused outrage in society, and was the basis for a new sexual direction – “masochism” (by author).

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