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Makeup in 5 minutes

Modern woman look irresistible helps makeup, applying each of them in General, it takes up to half an hour. But there are situations when time is running out, and have just 5 minutes.
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Makeup in 5 minutes
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Makeup in 5 minutes
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Makeup in 5 minutes
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Makeup in 5 minutes
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In order to put himself in order, just follow the five steps, each of which takes less than a minute.

Step one – set the tone

Your goal is to give the skin a fresh and healthy look, it is necessary to hide dark circles under the eyes, to disguise pimples, smooth. Use for these purposes, the Foundation – concealer. Apply small amount lightly on the part of the face that require intervention, and gently blend until a homogeneous tone. For skin in the eye area, it is recommended to use a concealer with a creamy texture. In other areas of the face you should apply cream powder, the easiest way to do it with the sponge, it will allow you to achieve a uniform layer, without leaving stains.

Step two – place the accents

To freshen up the color and add makeup flavor will help the blush and powder. Using blush focus on the protruding areas of the cheeks, slightly take a walk along the hairline and touch the chin. Using bronzing powder give your face a glow, it will add to your look fresh.

Step three – eyes

Enough to put on eyelashes mascara to look irresistible. You need to start dyeing the eyelashes from the base, slowly, locking each position of the brush for a few seconds. You should apply mascara in two coats, the main thing is to carefully paint over the middle and ends. Make sure that the lashes look natural, don’t let sticky hairs.

Step four – Shine

When the Express makeup should abandon lipstick saturated and dark shades, as its application is time-consuming and requires attention to detail. It is much easier to do with lip gloss or pearl lipstick, such tools will make the lips natural and well-groomed appearance.

Step five – the final touches

At the last minute you can have a lot to catch. You can apply eyebrow gel, it will not only give them the color depth, but will lock while boosting Shine and neat appearance. In the absence of the gel can simply brush them with a special brush. If time permits, apply to the upper eyelid shade light shade, it is desirable mother-of-pearl, from lash to brow. They visually “open” look and will make the makeup more interesting.

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First date: the secret of success

Agnes, the author JustLady.
First date: the secret of success
First date is an important event for every person. The success of the relationship will depend on the Foundation that is laid in this first meeting. The first appointment will be continued, if you call a person of interest, and the development of relationships to steer in the direction you want.
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First date: the secret of success
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First date: the secret of success
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First date: the secret of success
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First date: the secret of success
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An important role, on a first date, plays the fellowship. Therefore, it is necessary to think over the topic of conversation. If you want to generate interest in the interlocutor, talk about it and that interested him. It’s a win-win option. However, try to avoid questions about salary, position. All of this, you can find out then.

Because all people appreciate their beliefs, it is necessary to make people understand that his and your opinion on many things are the same. For example, if slips phrase that your partner appreciates punctuality, tell me what you don’t understand the people who are constantly late.

Both the first and subsequent visits need to be able to control the conversation. Often we start the conversation stalled, instead of open-ended questions, asking closed. For example, asking the person why you have chosen this Institute, you will motivate him to further the conversation. Questions like: “do You like to study there? ” – get the conversation stalled.

Friend will show a sincere interest to you, if you understand what you are able not only to talk but also to listen carefully. Also, try to repeat the gestures, facial expressions and movement partner. You don’t need a full copy. Behave similarly only in General terms.

The skill of active listening is that the man of few words about yourself, but always gives the same partner as the one for him interesting. The fact that he doesn’t just silently listening, but actively encouraged. This creates an atmosphere of trust and people closer together.

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