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Men’s club: the manipulation of the woman in bed

Icegirl, author JustLady.
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In the glossy fashion magazines periodically articles about the manipulation of women by men. If they were to achieve their interests are ready to go at all, but men manipulating women, no less, and methods for their sophisticated and besposhadnij.
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Men's club: the manipulation of the woman in bed
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Men's club: the manipulation of the woman in bed
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Men's club: the manipulation of the woman in bed
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Men's club: the manipulation of the woman in bed
In bed with him to love yourself
In the age of emancipation woman was not only the guardian of the hearth, but the huntress. More often it happens that the girl fascinates and seduces the guy. However, there are still instances that can pull a woman into bed, skillfully pushing the thin chord of the unknown woman’s soul.
The psychology of manipulation is extremely simple: the game on feelings, pseudoacromegaly, compliments with a hint.

While you can not pair

Relationship is a kind of war between the sexes, and the winner is the one who is better informed about the situation. This applies to bed and battles.
Your attention is invited to the most common ways to manipulate women in the early stages of relations:

1. “Game of love”. The girl really wants to hear three sacred words “I love you! “! If he was so outspoken, not afraid to open up to you, you should reward him accordingly prize, because these words to him was so easy. Women being naive and allow you to circle itself around your finger.

2. “Trapped”. Oddly enough, the girls still dream of a fairy-tale princes. Want a beautiful courtship, flowers, romance, surprises. When this gift of fate suddenly appears in a girl’s life, she becomes floating in the bird. Expected result – she is tenacious in men’s arms, and his bed.

3. “Best friend”. How often girls are not enough male side view in some situations! There appears he is a knight without fear and reproach, is able to support you in any situation, to come tearing through your first call in another part of the city. You feel that he is my soul mate, and ready with him to merge together.

How to manipulate a woman in a long-term relationship?

It would seem that everything is fine and stable: you fall asleep and Wake up together, enjoy each other, love each other. But every day? Sometimes it happens that after work and effort it is up to the sofa to crawl, and then your man with a lustful gaze and direct a reproach in the eyes. The secrets of manipulation in this situation is simple – you need a second look.

Male manipulation techniques are many, and almost all of them aimed at the woman felt a sense of guilt and tried to redeem, usually through the bed.

1. “An eye for an eye” is the most common way of manipulation. He cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner, did you a foot massage – cometh the hour of reckoning, for all the good you have to pay. However, in this situation you can be in plus. How much can you earn on the rocker? You – him sex, he, in turn, takes care of the household.

2. “Care about you and forecasting the future. Men are no less insidious than women, and they can play on the most vulnerable female weaknesses. “Honey, you want kids? How they will appear without frequent hours of training? ” And you care about the future generation without back thoughts rush into battle.

3. “Playing poorly is not weak. You adult uninhibited woman, ideas capable of various kinds of sexual excesses, but not willing to show. The manipulator will immediately pay attention to this weak spot and will be all sorts of images to patronati you and propel new achievements. The trap had shut.

How to communicate with the optical drive?

You should always remember about their originality, to realize the degree of its independence and to exercise willpower.

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The dominance of women in bed: a perversion or the norm?

Elsa Zaripova, the author JustLady.
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A question about the dominance of women in bed causes different opinions. This distribution of roles in a pair, the obedience of one partner to the other may bring thoughts of perversion. On the other hand, the subordination to men is a way to bring variety in sexual relations, which is considered normal.
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The dominance of women in bed: a perversion or the norm?
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The dominance of women in bed: a perversion or the norm?
The main mistake women in bed
The dominance of women in bed: a perversion or the norm?
The initiative in bed punishable?
The dominance of women in bed: a perversion or the norm?
Sleeping with the enemy
The dominance of women can wear both temporary and permanent. In the first case, the subordination of men is part of the scenario of sexual roleplay. Maybe some people from time to time I feel the desire to obey or to disobey. A man can get tired from what had to be strong and in the family, at work and in society. That for one night they will possess the woman who gives his life acuity. Also girl, gentle, soft and submissive in life, can experience the special feeling from his power over the partner in bed.

That they find each other and get mutual pleasure, nothing wrong with that. Usually in these games are appropriate accessories whips, strapon, blindfolds, gags, handcuffs. It is very important that there be a clear understanding between partners and mutual understanding between them. No matter how achieved discharge, necessary for an adult woman, if satisfied she and her partner, whatever happens behind the doors of the marital bedroom, it is considered normal.

If a woman cannot get out of the role of mistress, takes no pleasure in the more familiar acts of love, everyone becomes more serious and closer to the perversion. When the lady feels satisfied only when the subordinate men and forces him to some action, perhaps in her soul loathed the opposite sex. This behavior is typical of the arrogant, hard, selfish natures, unable to relations that are the norm.

The desire to humiliate the partner and to cause him pain can occur for any woman mental injuries and grievances. Of course, it happens that this government “lady” finds her “slave”, and both of them are satisfied with this state of Affairs. But still, being in the dominant role abnormally for women. To correct the situation will help experienced sexologist.

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