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Oil of Laurel

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We are accustomed to thinking of this plant as the usual spice, available in the kitchen every housewife. Bay leaf gives dishes a peculiar flavor, due to its antiseptic properties is widely used for canning. However, it is not only the dignity and usage of plants. Today women’s magazine JustLady will tell you what other properties of the oil of Laurel.
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Homeland Lavra is Sredizemnomorskoe coast. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used it as a spice, medicinal, cosmetic products. Wreaths of Laurel are to this day a symbol of victory. Today oil of Laurel also widely used in cooking, medicine, cosmetics.

The Laurel oil: properties

Oil of Laurel it has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties, relieves spasms and pain, stimulates the processes in the body, increases sweating, tones. Its characteristic smell a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Since olden times it has been used as an effective tool to deter insects.

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Oil Lavra: application

Due to the content of many nutrients, oil of Laurel finds application in the treatment of many ailments.

It is used for disorders in the gastrointestinal tract: eliminates bloating, stimulates digestion and intestinal function, and improves appetite. Has beneficial effect on the liver, gall bladder, kidneys.

For colds is used as expectorant, febrifuge, a mucolytic agent. Helps with ear disease and headaches.

It is useful for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections in the cold season, as it improves the immune system.

Antiseptic properties Laurel can be used to treat infections of the oral cavity for healing ulcers of the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomatitis.

Those who suffer from hypertension, can apply oil of Laurel to reduce pressure, it is a good remedy to combat varicose veins.

Also there is an opinion that the Laurel oil helps in the treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Pain and cramps in diseases of the musculoskeletal, joint inflammation can be removed using oil massage Laurel. Such treatment would be effective for sciatica, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism. This will help massage and pain from overexertion of the muscles, sprains, dislocations.

Long oil of Laurel used as a wound healing agent, especially of the scalp, as well as funds for the treatment of bruises and contusions. It also helps with such skin diseases as ulcers, boils, purulent inflammation of the skin, psoriasis, eczema.

It is proved that Laurel has a devastating effect on a number of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, so you can use it as a means to treat fungal infections.

In cosmetology oil Laurel used for the manufacture of anti-acne, microlocally, for oily, problematic skin. Cleans, soothes, disinfects, has sun-protection properties.

For hair is used to treat dandruff, including oily seborrhea, breakage, loss and split ends, to strengthen and enhance hair growth.

Massage with oil of Laurel and sesame is a good remedy for cellulite.

In aroma lamp oil of Laurel it is used to promote mental activity. It is believed that under the influence of this fragrance, you can gain confidence, build self-esteem.

When stress Laurel oil will help to calm down, slow heartbeat, to cope with insomnia and anxiety.

Oil Lavra: contraindications and precautions

The Laurel oil is basically an external tool, so do not use it inside without consulting a doctor.

Can cause allergic reactions and rashes on sensitive skin, so before you apply better to spend the usual test for allergies.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy, as well as to be used for children up to two years.

When added to cosmetic products it is better to carefully follow the recommended dosage, so don’t forget to carefully read the instructions on the package.

For massages and compresses add 3-4 drops of oil of Laurus in basis. As many take for aroma lamps, flavoring saunas, bathing.

In cosmetic and medicinal purposes, you can use oil of Laurel in combination with other essential oils. Combine well with him oil of rosemary, juniper, ylang-ylang, pine, cypress, ginger, coriander, rose, eucalyptus.

Also it can be mixed with essential oils of lavender, nutmeg sage, citrus, ginger, coriander, marjoram, thyme, cedar.

Alexander Panatina
Female magazine JustLady

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How to attach to the clinic

Natalya Kulagina, author JustLady.
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When moving to a new residence or staying at an actual address and not at the place of registration, you must pick up your medical records from the clinic and refer to a medical facility at the new address. You will need a passport, health insurance and pension insurance certificate.
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If you already have a policy of a new model, then attach to the new clinic you will not have any problems. Federal law 326-F3 provides the service under the new health insurance on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of your place of residence. Therefore, you need to contact the registry selected medical institutions, to present a passport, the policy of obligatory medical insurance, pension insurance certificate, medical card with the history of your illness.

If you do not have chronic diseases, was not registered with a doctor on this occasion, the card you can get a new one in the clinic at the place of treatment. If there are any diseases you still better to present a map with written medical history to the doctor was able to become familiar with the history and nature of your illness and in accordance with this, in the next prescribe a treatment, given your individual characteristics.

If the policy of the old model, which can still be used until January 1, 2014, to attach to the clinic is not the place of your actual registration, you can choose two options. The first is to visit the Federal health Department and get prehensile pass that you had the opportunity to be served in the selected health facility. And the second option is to contact the chief doctor of the medical establishment with the statement.

All the management of medical facilities throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in the course of changes of the law and usually do not prevent to serve patients by health insurance, are not registered in their clinics. But if the physician refuses to attach you to his clinic, with the ticket to do this is simply obliged.

If you do not want to have any problems, obtain health insurance new sample and obliviates in a medical facility, doctors whom you trust the most or where you the most convenient to apply.

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