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Vintage: your individuality in the interior

Alena Voss, author of JustLady.
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To design the interior in vintage style, it is not enough simply to decorate a room with old things. Not every object with a 20-year-old, for example, history, refers to this style. You want that vintage thing possessed individuality and expressed the main trends of the era to which it belongs.
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Vintage will be considered the subject, released 20 years ago and earlier. You can find them in antique shops, and often this vintage is worth a lot. You can also find furniture and accessories for an interior flea markets. For their purchase, it is important to understand the characteristics of this or that period of time – just an old dresser or bed will not fit, you need to thing associated with your time.

Purchased at flea markets things are often in need of restoration. Because the thing is supposed to look old, but to be strong and functional. If you are not sure that will successfully deal with the task on its own, consult a professional restorers.

Not just to find vintage furniture and decor items, many kinds of things need to be harmonious place within one room. The interior in vintage style has common features, regardless of what years you want to recreate in the apartment.

Because the furniture and accessories in vintage style is quite bright and expressive, the walls are made neutral. Usually this Wallpaper with a small pattern or large print, but pale shades. Just on the Wallpaper may be no more than three colors, they often razbelennymi – pastel. The fit and plain Wallpaper or “liquid” – they are applied as plaster and create the effect of a textured surface. Usually vintage interior use blue, lavender, sand, caramel shades.

On the floor lay natural materials. It can be deliberately rough boards, painted in a light color or covered with transparent parquet varnish. You can also use the floorboard. Appropriate vintage interior use carpets and rugs with bright pattern. The main thing is to make sure that the ornament was combined with upholstered furniture and wall colours.

Vintage furniture can be very simple, for example wood, with the effect of the erased paint or crackle. Along with such items you can use and upholstered furniture with elegant round backs and curved legs, upholstered in satin, velvet or silk, deep colors, with embroidery or gasket. Touch of antiquity give wrought iron furniture is covered with patina, gold or silver paint.

To complete the design of the room you can use trinkets, recreating the atmosphere of a selected time. Hang it on the wall black and white pictures, make a collage from old magazines, buy a reproduction of a vintage poster or Billboard.

On tables, shelves, chests of drawers, you can put table lamps with fabric shades, porcelain and metal figurines, if it is a children’s room – dolls and Teddy bears, made in vintage style.

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Netsuke. The philosopher’s stone

Irina Lortel, author JustLady.
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Japanese culture amazes the world with its uniqueness, which is preferred internal external elegance realistic way. The Japanese appreciate works of art not expensive splendor, and impressions that remain in memory. This type of Japanese art is netsuke – lean product decorative plastics. Despite its artistic value, netsuke has applied function. Through its through hole for cord, belt kimono hang small items.
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Netsuke. The philosopher's stone
Netsuke. The philosopher's stone
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Netsuke. The philosopher's stone
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Netsuke. The philosopher's stone
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Since the twentieth century, netsuke are carved sculpture of small forms. The style of the figures reflects the ideas of the Japanese Zen teachings. Comprehension of reality is based on intuitive knowledge of our own nature. Teachers Zen assume that the perception of natural phenomena must go through an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. You cannot divide the world into separate situations and events. From here originates the variety of subjects netsuke, a wide range of materials, acute emotional expressiveness and monolithic form.

To realize the importance of every detail, masters of netsuke like to use the asymmetrical silhouettes, always avoid too correct forms and geometric rules. Philosophy netsuke inclines us to the belief that the symmetry is only a product of the cognitive activity of mankind, it is alien to nature in its essence. Animals, plants, different primitive objects are often portrayed in the style of one corner. Master pulls out the only piece of the cycle of life, that gives it such spatial techniques of the perception of the viewer, which generate a sense of the immensity of the world and balance.

Masters of netsuke often focus on a strong awkward details, devoid of qualities such as harmony and perfection, welcome to our eye. The art is to convey the beauty of primitivism, to make it available to our aesthetic perception. Netsuke displays the spiritual realm, from the public point of view, of the world. Here ends the manifestation of intelligence, and you receive the brink of intuitive knowledge, which is dominated by our archetypes, not purchased installation education.

In order to understand the beneficial magic netsuke, remember that we, unlike the contemplative mentality East, endowed with active expression, requiring wordy. If you close your mouth, due to the expected etiquette, some of us can, then stop your flow of thoughts is possible to very few people. This is the task netsuke, these are the secrets of Eastern philosophy, leading to a maximum relaxation of the brain, to the healing of the body.

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