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How to cope with stress at work

NARB SAF, author JustLady.
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Stress is a response of the organism to the influence of many negative factors, and to cope with them, you need to get rid of this effect. It is desirable to immediately remove bad head, dissatisfied and conflict clients, the economic crisis – and life will improve. But this is impossible, because it is the reality over which we have no control. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with stress from the other side.
Article entitled “How to cope with stress at work”
How to cope with stress at work
How to cope with stress at work
How to cope with stress at work
Stress: causes and dealing with stress
How to cope with stress at work
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How to cope with stress at work
How to cope with stress without spending a psychologists
First of all decide the scope of your influence. It will be only you, with your reactions and emotions on those or other events with your lifestyle, habits (harmful or helpful) and choice behavior. When you feel nervous, you hunker down in a corner, looking out of this situation is becoming more difficult.

In this situation, ask yourself: how can you help your own body? What is the problem at work causes the most stress, more paralyzes? If this debris, pile of unsolved cases, begin to use the principles of time management. Learn how to plan, keep a diary, use special software that monitors your time, learn to delegate some cases subordinates and assistants.

If you’re mentally tired conflicts with management, clients or from the tense atmosphere in the team, think and then that will be best for you. Try the house to make time for yourself and resume resource state of your body. Because you are frustrated it is when you lack your own strength and self-confidence, inner resources for competent overcome problems, exit with honor from any situation.

This plan will help you relaxation techniques and meditation. They allow the body to get a good rest, physical and mental rehabilitation, enable you to program the brain for successful interaction with other people and take control of the emotional sphere. Select the technique that you like. Specify those affirmations (positive statements) that meet exactly your situation.

If the work is completely absorbs your life, and no time for anything else, then you inevitably will increasingly come under pressure stress. To avoid this, your life should be balanced, there should be a place for family, children, good relationships with other people, health for yourself. As soon as you start to spend time with all other areas of life, work stress will be neutralized. Psychologists say that your favorite business, may, for 5 minutes each day, will give you strength and give joy.

Help yourself your body to cope with stress at work. Observe the daily routine, give your body enough sleep and adequate to your state of physical load. Directly in a tense situation, close your eyes and press your palms eyeballs for a few seconds. Within minutes, repeat to yourself the phrase “all right”. Open your eyes and repeatedly lift the look of most up -.

Help withstand the stress of Hiking, fellowship with him (search and adjustment of goals in life, meditation, analysis), body wash sea salt. Practice morning mood on the working day, try every morning to find 5 circumstances or objects for which you are grateful for their fate, which you truly happy. Even if the day is difficult, this “five” will give you strength.

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Biography stars: Emma stone

Tat_yana, author JustLady.
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Charming red-haired beast, the intellectual, the student and simply beauty – that brought Emma stone in the movie “Student of easy virtue”. But before this film was a long way, full of successes and disappointments. And yet, Emma had found my own recipe actor’s happiness!
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Biography stars: Emma stone
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Biography stars: Emma stone
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Biography stars: Emma stone
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Biography stars: Emma stone
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November 6, 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona, was born a blond girl called Emily gene stone. She grew up in a family of a father – conductor and mothers were Housewives. That’s probably why it harmoniously combines the femininity of this lady and ambitious zeal of a creative personality.

Purposeful and persistent, Emma since childhood dreamed about theatre. Her first role she has got in 11 years. After sixth grade, she had been busy in the productions of “Theatre of the Valley Youth that do not have enough time to study in school. And then she was gone from school!

It was a deliberate decision. To enlist the support of parents, Emma has created for them a presentation of Power Point format, in which he spoke of his intention to become an actress. Convinced therefore parents transferred her daughter to home schooling.

Having participated in more than 16 performances of “Theatre of the Valley Youth”, Emma, with her mother, she was forced to go to Los Angeles. “City of angels” has become a badge for girl in the world of cinema.

Attending numerous castings, Emma stone was approved for the role of Laura Patridge reality show “In search of Patricia”. Although the series lasted very little, bright girl’s talent was noticed and she was offered to star in the TV series “Malcolm in the spotlight” and “Medium”. However, permanent role, she received only in 2007 in the TV series “Race”.

But the real debut of Emma stone in the movie was the part in the Comedy “Super Peppers”. Received for her role in this film prize “Young Hollywood”, Emma redoubled his efforts and “lit up” in such comedies as “Boys like it” and “the Naked drummer”. Of course, they were not as successful as the previous film, but images of her heroines memorable audience.

2009 was a landmark for Emma stone. She changed her place of residence and settled in new York, in Greenwich village. Offers to act in films one after the other. The screen goes Comedy “Ghosts of girlfriends past” and “Welcome to Zомбилэнд”. To Emma stone finally comes the long-awaited fame.

In 2010 they released the film “Student of easy virtue”, where Emma first appeared in the title role. For filming, the actress turned down the role in the film Zack Snyder “Prohibited method”. The film “Student of easy virtue” brought Emma fame and award MTV Movie Awards 2011 in the category “Best Comedy role”.

In 2011, to rent out three of the film with Emma stone: “Sex on friendship”, “This – stupid – love” and “the help”. Long before the release, paintings attracted the attention of the audience, thanks to the participation Emma.

Because of the incredible popularity of the actress, her schedule of shooting planned for years in advance. In 2012 you will see Emma in the film “the New spider-Man”, and in 2013 – in the film “Cave people”.

What is the secret of acting happiness Emma stone? This, of course, talent, coupled with perseverance, great performance and lasting faith in your abilities! The only way to achieve that goal, no matter what!

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