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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena

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According to the myth, the ancient Greek goddess Pallas Athena, born from the skull of Zeus in the robes of the goddess-warrior, was distinguished by exceptional courage and bravery. In psychology a Complex of Athens” refers to the desire of women to identify with the men and renounce all female.
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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By analogy with other female complexes, complex Athens begins in childhood. The male terminal into the female character is formed due to spiritual intimacy with the father, games in the company of boys or brothers, and arising from this, interest in “masculine Hobbies. She begins to feel ashamed of their appearance and getting used subsequently to male image, refuses makeup and wearing flattering shape.

Adopting the male way of thinking, “strong woman” seeks to career success and material well-being, shows her strong-willed character in the business. Excellent understanding of the male psyche, she easily establishes friendships and business contacts with representatives of the stronger sex.

Girls-Athens no hurry to start a family, relationships formed among them is not easy because of the desire to dominate and play a supporting role. In search of the ideal they are often bound by relations with infantile, unable to make decisions for men. The combination of complex Titania (waiting for the perfect man) with complex Pallas-Athene turns a woman into a real Medusa. In the society like women, men may not feel comfortable, because, sometimes going to extremes, Athena can be pretentious and vulgar.

A strong woman, at first glance, produces a nice impression. But, if you look closely, you can find many of the manifestations of her inner confidence and stiffness in her gestures, tone of voice and facial expressions.

A woman subjected to complex Athens, received from the fate the chance to create a family that understands that is not capable of deep and sincere feelings towards other people. Daughter of Athena, as a role model, often copied her behavior, choosing as a career priorities and external well-being. They do not dream of passionate love, looking at her husband only as a supporting character in my life.

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How to change your character

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One of the common problems of human discontent own character. People will never be completely happy, if it is not satisfied with something in itself. But, unfortunately, dissatisfaction rarely develops into any decisive steps. And a lot of people and stays with his unhappiness is his character.
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If you decide to re-educate yourself, start to do it gradually. For a start, make a journal (this measure is necessary to address the many psychological problems, write down everything that you yourself don’t like. Do not touch appearance: record only disagreeable to you traits. When the problems will be fully outlined, start to describe their days. You do not need to record all your actions in every detail – enough to describe what you think is important.

Next is to consider what benefits you will have if you are able to change ourselves for the better. For example, if you become more decisive person, you will be able to climb the corporate ladder. Or if you would be more open, you will have more friends. Disassemble on the shelves, why you can’t develop certain traits. For example, you lazy due to the fact that actually are afraid of change. Or you are too closed due to the fact that fear of condemnation. When you find your fears, you will be able to look at yourself with the other hand. Of course, to remedy the situation is to deal with their problems, i.e., to go to the contrary. If you are afraid to speak in front of a crowd, sign up for acting classes, if you are too inert, sit on active work. When you get rid of the original, bad traits will disappear by themselves.

Describe yourself the way you want to be. Then specify one or two sentences that need to be repeated like a mantra. Only think of two options: one in the future form, the other in the present. I.e. if you want to become more relaxed, repeat two sentences: “I am calm and balanced” and “I am calm and balanced”. Repeat them to yourself, believe in them, and after some time you will notice major changes in your character.

Remember that everything is in your hands. And if you really decided to become a different person, then you will succeed. Never doubt your own abilities is your main task. Follow it, and then you will be able to realize.

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