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How to increase the gel nails

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Nail gel is a high – tech, complex process that requires special education and creativity. Accrued using gel technology nail will long to please its luxurious length, perfect form and original design.
Article on “How to increase the gel nails”
How to increase the gel nails
How to increase the gel nails and acrylic
How to increase the gel nails
How to learn to increase the gel nails
How to increase the gel nails
How to put the gel on nails
How to increase the gel nails
How to do nail gel
For nail novice webmaster will need nail accessories nail clipper and remove the top layer of the nail. Cutting thin layer is necessary for good adhesion of the gel to the nail plate.

Later in the course is a special form (“rosmarinic” in professional jargon). This paper, less plastic device, which comes slightly below the natural nail, repeating its contours. The form serves as the basis for modeling future nail and marked measuring strips allow you to do all your nails the same length.

But to your nails you can use and tips. This is, in fact, the finished nail overlay on top of natural. Capacity using type C is faster, because the wizard does not need to re-create each nail.

As for the gel, it is safe to say that every master through trial and comparison finds a suitable option. Currently on the market shop presents many different brands that produce gels for nail extension. Products from different manufacturers differ mainly by the speed of hardening, strength and durability.

Necessary instrument for gel capacity ultra – violet lamp. The price range of these units is quite wide. The cost depends on the power, drying time of the nail, the number of luminous elements (1 to 3). The lamp is also used for disinfecting manicure tools.

Applying the gel on nails and attached forms, the hands should be placed in a special hole in the lamp and allow the nails to dry.

Next, with the help of a nail file is the correction of the shape of the nail, then they are again coated with a gel and dried by ultraviolet light.

To create a pattern on the nails need special paints, sequins, rhinestones. They will help to give your manicure a charming and unique flavor. To create an original design beginner, you will need perseverance and artistic skills. If the ability to draw leaves something to be desired, you can use the ready-made labels. After application of finish-coating quality instances look like a real manual work.

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How to cure acne

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Pimples appear due to sukupolvi skin sebaceous glands. On the site of the blockage appear “black” or “white” point. They become infected, inflamed. These sores sometimes even painful to touch. Pustules can flake and itch. It’s quite frustrating.
Article on “How to cure acne”
How to cure acne
How easy and pleasant to get rid of acne
How to cure acne
How to get rid of acne
How to cure acne
How to get rid of acne: treatments and tools
How to cure acne
How to prevent acne?
To eliminate the consequences – it is necessary to determine the cause of your acne. First, contact your doctor who will make a diagnosis. You may have to undergo treatment.

If acne is bothering you from time to time and just take cosmetic troubles, you can try to get rid of them yourself.

Need to organize a proper and regular skin care. Note 3 the principles of cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. Knowing your skin type, you will easily find all the means to care for a person. Regular washing. Wash 2-3 times a day, using special tools.

Use a soft peeling. Peeling exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells. You can do it at home – coffee grounds mix and massage this mass face for 1-2 minutes.

The organization of proper nutrition. Eliminate coffee, fast food, chips, lemonade. Eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs. Type in the diet green tea – it is perfectly toxins.

Normalization of bowel function. Clean – drink in the morning salt solution, in half an hour – glass of kefir. The effect will be visible after 2 weeks. Touch the face only with clean hands.

Meltwater. It should take 2-2.5 liters, and no acne.

To give up cigarettes. Smoking causes metabolic disorders and pimples is a metabolic disorder. Smoke – no cosmetics will not help. Same thing with alcohol.

Drinking freshly squeezed juices, including vegetables, from carrots, cabbage, beets.

Do not squeeze pimples – you can carry infection and only exacerbate the situation. Take it to a professional cosmetologist, using sterile instruments.

Very good 1-2% solution of salicylic acid. Solution clean the face of the disk 2 times a day.

Do different masks. For example, clay. Clay cosmetic bred to a creamy state, apply on face and wash off after 15 minutes. It perfectly removes redness and dries the skin.

Make it a habit to live a healthy lifestyle. More walk in the fresh air, soak up, select cosmetics for your skin type, clean and moisturize. Be beautiful!

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