Bath for body and soul

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Taking a bath is not just a physiological need for the body. It helps you to relax after a busy day, to throw away all negative emotions, lead to thoughts in order, improve your mood and spirits. No wonder many hundreds of years ago, Cleopatra took milk baths, giving her beauty and youth.
Article on “bath for body and soul”
Bath for body and soul
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Bath for body and soul
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Bath for body and soul
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Bath for body and soul
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In light of the activity and swiftness life today many people due to lack of free time replaced the bath with a simple shower. However, at least once a week to pay attention to not only their body, but also soul and allow yourself to relax completely.

In order to get the greatest effect of peace and relaxation, it is sufficient to recall the bath suit in the famous spas. The benefit is now possible from the comfort of your own apartment, learn the necessary skills.

First bath can be used aromatic essential oils and salt. Just a few drops added to water, the fragrance will fill the entire room. Oils of grapefruit, myrrh, ylang-ylang, tangerine, tea tree, eucalyptus and other help for nervous overloads, mental strain, relieve fatigue, nervousness, relieve negative emotions and filled with a sense of joy and inner peace. In addition, oil ylang-ylang, rose and patchouli are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs.

Secondly, the General surroundings. Dim lights, candles and soft melodic music help you to relax and to get a feeling of serenity. Flickering flickering flames of the candles will create a special mood and allow you to focus on internal sensations, rejecting thoughts filling his head. For a better state of relaxation suitable topical collection of melodies “surf” or “Forest stream”, which are sold at your local music store.

And thirdly, the internal desire to relax, to escape from negative emotions and excitement, get positive emotions. To do this, try to mentally transported to a place that you associate with happy, carefree and happy feelings. Remember what made you smile.

Leaving the bath, you will feel yourself a happy man, whose heart lives in harmony and balance.

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