Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena

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According to the myth, the ancient Greek goddess Pallas Athena, born from the skull of Zeus in the robes of the goddess-warrior, was distinguished by exceptional courage and bravery. In psychology a Complex of Athens” refers to the desire of women to identify with the men and renounce all female.
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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Strong woman: the complex of Pallas Athena
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By analogy with other female complexes, complex Athens begins in childhood. The male terminal into the female character is formed due to spiritual intimacy with the father, games in the company of boys or brothers, and arising from this, interest in “masculine Hobbies. She begins to feel ashamed of their appearance and getting used subsequently to male image, refuses makeup and wearing flattering shape.

Adopting the male way of thinking, “strong woman” seeks to career success and material well-being, shows her strong-willed character in the business. Excellent understanding of the male psyche, she easily establishes friendships and business contacts with representatives of the stronger sex.

Girls-Athens no hurry to start a family, relationships formed among them is not easy because of the desire to dominate and play a supporting role. In search of the ideal they are often bound by relations with infantile, unable to make decisions for men. The combination of complex Titania (waiting for the perfect man) with complex Pallas-Athene turns a woman into a real Medusa. In the society like women, men may not feel comfortable, because, sometimes going to extremes, Athena can be pretentious and vulgar.

A strong woman, at first glance, produces a nice impression. But, if you look closely, you can find many of the manifestations of her inner confidence and stiffness in her gestures, tone of voice and facial expressions.

A woman subjected to complex Athens, received from the fate the chance to create a family that understands that is not capable of deep and sincere feelings towards other people. Daughter of Athena, as a role model, often copied her behavior, choosing as a career priorities and external well-being. They do not dream of passionate love, looking at her husband only as a supporting character in my life.

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How to grow long hair

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Long hair again came into Vogue. To grow them is no easy task. Hair needs constant care, gentle handling and a lot of time. The result is worth it. You will not only get you so long wished, and even more. Most importantly, learn how to properly care for your hair, so they can grow up healthy and beautiful.
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How to grow long hair
How to grow long hair
How to grow long hair
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How to grow long hair
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How to grow long hair
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You will need

Comb, black bread, egg, scissors


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Make it a rule to comb the hair every time before going to wash his head, and before you go to sleep. The process of brushing promotes circulation in the scalp that has a strengthening effect on your hair.


Do not comb wet hair. Because water is heavy hair, so when brushing you can pull out some hair.


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Do a nourishing hair mask. It is desirable to make masks made at home from natural ingredients. Good mask of black bread and eggs. Will raskroshite a few slices of black bread in a container, pour boiling water and let sit for one hour. Then drain the liquid and add the yolk. All this apply to hair, massage gently. Wrap polyethylene, and top with a towel. After an hour and a half before rinsing thoroughly.


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Cut your hair every 2 – 2, 5 months at 0, 5 centimeters. If you split the hair, do it a little more.

Helpful hints

In winter it is best to hide your hair under a hat or scarf and not to put them on frost

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